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The Muslim Bushido

YASUKE THE AFRICAN SAMURAIThe Muslim Bushido has been a step ahead of everyone out here at least in my mind.  Or, should I say, for my mind.  If you are paying attention to the world around you, I would think you should notice how the world (by the way world means economy in this post) is changing never to return as it once was.  Mind you, this is a global change.  Back in '09 Muslim Bushido posted of this changing economy, quoting from the book The Sovereign Individual

To the aspiring entrepreneurs in the audience: If you haven't already done so, you need to take action regarding your business plans. Now. Nothing has changed (at least, not for the better in terms of being an employee) since I said the following back in February 2009: The "Factory Age" of Rising Income Equality is OVER
From a 1997 book, The Sovereign Individual, by James Dale Davidson and Lord William Rees-Mogg:

"[Otto Ammon, a 19th century German economist] believed that high abilities naturally result in people rising in income and social position. . . . He also believed that the 'true form of the so-called social pyramid is that of a somewhat flat onion or turnip.' . . . Modern industrial societies are indeed all turnips, with a small wealthy and upper-professional class at the top, a larger middle class, and a minority poor at the bottom. Relative to the middle, both the extremes are small.

. . . All of this is intriguing, but the immediate interest of Ammon's work lies in the major long-term shift we are experiencing in the relations, financial and political, between the top and the middle. . . . Most people could master the skills required for operating the machines of the mid-twentieth century, but those jobs have now been replaced by smart machines which, in effect, control themselves. A whole arena of low- and middle-skill employment has already disappeared. If we are correct, this is a prelude to the disappearance of most employment and the reconfiguration of work in the spot market. " pgs. 212-213.

"Societies that have been indoctrinated to expect income equality and high levels of consumption for persons of low or modest skills will face demotivation and insecurity. As the economies of more countries more deeply assimilate information technology, they will see the emergence---so evident already in North America---of a more or less unemployable underclass. [Khadija interrupting the quote here: Guess who this is? You get one guess.] This is exactly what is happening. This will lead to a reaction with a nationalist, anti-technology bias, as we detail in the next chapter.

The Factory Age may prove to have been a unique period in which semi-stupid machines left a highly profitable niche for unskilled people. Now that the machines can look after themselves, the Information Age is pouring its gifts onto the top 5 percent of Otto Ammon's turnip." pg.214 [emphasis added].



Every year at this time the National Football League takes over and begins to dominate the sports world and our minds in the U.S.  Many years ago, my across the street dad, Mr. Ceasar, came over to visit my real dad and saw me watching an NFL game.  He stopped, looked at the televison and inquired of me "You like that sh*t?" I enthusiastically retorted "yeah"  Mr. Ceasr rebutted "That sh*t there, ain't no better than pro wrestling"  I said "you really think so?" Mr. Ceasar turned and continued to walk towards the den where my father was sitting.

Today, I fully understand what Mr. Ceasar was talking about.  Back then though, I thought he was a bit nuts to say that about pro football.  Pro wrestling was fake, this was real was what my young mind was really thinking.  Well, today, I wouldn't go so far as to say the NFL is fake.  But, it truly is a corporate, entertainment pawn, much like reality tv is really not reality, real. The NFL style of  game, to me,  is truly not football, but a version of the game (I will expound on this later).  Back to the lesson at had.

Each year in the middle of baseball season the NFL intrudes right as the race for the penant heats up.  I hate this. It's like baseball is to the curb (in my Los Angeles lingo).  But, the game is slower than it once was, and since so many people think baseball is boring anyway, the question becomes why slow it down even more?  Maybe we are seeing the game Abner Double day envisioned.  Who is Abner Doubleday you ask? We've been led to believe that Abner Doubleday invented the sport of baseball.   Actually, he did not.  As usual the Albions take something already in existance, add something on to the existing element and then credit themselves for "discovering" the prexisting element. The root of the game had been alive and popular long before the birth of Abner Doubleday's great grand daddy.

Batos was a well established game played on the island of Cuba (and possibly other Caribbean islands) as far back as the 1700's.  The game was played with a "batey" a ball made from resin and leaves.  The "batear" would hit the ball with a rounded tree branch, and run to the first of two bases used in the game.  By 1845 Alexander J. Cartwright founded the Knickerbockers team in New York, (coincedently knickerbockers are the pants worn in the game of baseball, though the players are tending to wear their pants in the line of crickett players of late) the Knickerbockers were the first team ever formed in the States and Cuba was the first country to welcome the game as remixed by Cartwright.  And, lets not forget that the aboriginals on the Caribbean islands and the mainlands are heavily melanated people and not white people.

In 1974 Black American boys made up 33% of little league baseball players in the U.S. by 2007 only 7% play. In 2014 I was unable to find statistics for Black American boys playing baseball.   During the 1980's the NBA was almost dead. I can remember on the West Coast the championship games were being televised as a taped game, and televised at 11:30pm at night after the late nignt news.  With the advent of Magic Johnson and Larry Bird coming into the league, the loosning of some of the rules and reinstating the dunk, the game got new life.  At the same time the NFL was searching for a way to increase attendance and in the long run raise ticket prices. 


Along comes Don Coryell, Dan Fouts, the San Diego Chargers and "Air Coryell" to the National Football league.  Dan Fouts had a core of receivers starting with John Jefferson, then Wes Chandler, Charlie Joiner and Kellen Winslow at tightend.  Together they amassed 24,000 yards from 1978 to 1983 in the air.  Air Coryell took the game from a running game to primarily a passing game.  The Chargers averaged a whopping 28 points per game, this generated excitment and fueled the change in the game to charge more for game tickets and moved the NFL into the heaven of being "America's game" and pushing "America's greatest pass time" baseball to the side.

Don Coryell.jpg

Baseball itself may have fueled the drive for the NFL's glory.  In 1974 when Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth's homerun record Lou Brock of the St. Louis Cardinals set the single season stolen base record at 118. In 1982 Ricky Henderson stole a mighty 130 bases in a single season, crushing Lou Brock's record set in '74.  Baseball was affectionatly known as "America's greatest pass time" in part due to the illegitimate belief that Abner Doubleday was the white creator of the game was then being usurped by the Black Americans playing in the league where "small ball" was king.  Small ball, in my opinion was the strategy of hit and run coupled with run and hit plays that encouraged fast runners generating a different type excitement than an mostly homerun game does.

By now the Oakland Raiders and the San Diego Chargers were leading the NFL in won games with the quick strike offense likely, because John Madden head coach of the Oakland Raiders, was a former assistant coach of Don Coryell at San Diego State University when Coryell headed up that program.  Later comes Dan Marino and the Miami Dolphins playing a similar offense. This set up the need for faster wide receivers and faster defensive backs to defend against them.  The colleges and universities put on a serious recruiting rush, scouring Black neighborhood public high schools where the enrollment was primarly Black students to fill the much needed wide receiver/defensive back rolls.  This was most evident in the University of Miami's recruting efforts put on during the 1980's with its "state of Miami" recruiting. 

The 'Caines set a winning record during the time period that stands to this very day.  These recruiting efforts by the colleges and universities of the time may have been the catalyst that placed in the minds of the Black youth that football was the way to get out of the "ghetto".  Baseball's attendance soon fell off and began to fall into a tail spin suffering the same possible fate as basketball a few years before.  Major League baseball, after the Ricky Henderson's and Vince Colman's of the day, no longer filled the seats reached out to do two things. (1)  Put white men back in the game and (2) create a exciting game much as the NFL and the NBA did, taking baseball from small ball, hit and runs/run and hit tactics to the long ball.  Homerun fever.

Major League baseball knew they would have to slow the game down in order to make white men prominent in the game once again and install the homerun as the highlight rather than the stolen base.  Haiti was the place where baseball's were made, that contract was taken from Haiti and sold to a country in Central America and homeruns increased starting rumors of "fixed" baseballs circulating.    Black kids no longer imagined themselves as basball players and many felt and may feel it is a white man's game.  Young Black boys no longer signed up for little league, and I witnessed many little league fields empty during basball season.  This was the beginning of the demise of Black players in Major League Baseball. 

The other fact is Major League Baseball does not put efforts into creating excitment in the hearts and minds of "inner city" kids.   Additonally when it comes to labor and native born and raised Latino players may be less likely to be as aggressive.  Another phenomenon is that the majority of the Latino ball players in the Majors are not U.S. born, and may lend credence to what Mr. Gary Sheffield said (I paraphrase here)' that Black American's are more likely to speak up about inequealities...'  I think this could be a point as Latin people born and raised here in the U.S. are much more likely to react to labor disputes in the league in much the same way as their Black counterparts, since we often live in the same neighborhoods, go to the same schools and live under the same conditions.

Cabrera OPED.jpg

Major League Baseball is now dominated by white looking American and Latino players, white Americans making up the majority players in the league.  The game is much slower and more likely to be watched or attended in person by truly hardcore baseball fans.  Surely, the homerun is exciting, but the downside is a much more boring game generating less excitement than small ball.  The game as it is today is not a game that would endear itself in the hearts and minds in the Black and Latino communities in the States.


Officer Phillip Tobin;Terrorists Also Wear  Badges.



For the past 11 years Officer Phillip Tobin of the Thomaston Police Department in Georgia has rained down terror on the citizens of Thomaston.  Officer Tobin is now on administrative leave since the public out cry for his ouster has created a ground swell that has reached Atlanta.  Former Atlanta city councilman, activist and current host of Too Much Truth on 1380 WAOK Atlanta Derrick Boazman has now become involved with the citizens efforts to have Phillip Tobin fired from the Thomaston police department.   The force behind the ground swell is Rhondalynn Traylor who began by getting a petition for the removal of Officer Tobin.

One blogger said Tobin is known as The Glove. Tobin is said to drive around with his police car window down challenging people as he patrols the little central Georgia town.  Tobin has been reported recently of tazing a 68 year old woman, beating a man nearly to death who was in fact not the man that should have been arrested.  A case of "mistaken identity"?  Thomaston, Georgia is about 60 miles south of Atlanta, a small town with a population of approximately 10,000 people.  Officer Tobin should be well aware of the people that are passing through with drugs and who actually resides in the little town.  Sadly, Tobin has had almost 80 official complaints filed against him yet he was still blessed by police chief Dan Greathouse to continue working.

Phillip Tobin and Chief Dan Greathouse, it's time to go.  What we are seeing in this country is the continued rising of the warrior cop.  Federal dollars that flood into police departments are one of the culprits that give life to these warrior cops.  It's not simply racism that is the force behind the abusive tactics of police departments, especially those in small town U.S.A.  It's the flowing of federal dollars into these small towns for drug busts that help give rise to the bedeviled tactic that has so often kill or destroyed people. Most often innocent people that have nothing to do with what a warrent is issued for. Take the case of baby BouBou whose little face was blown apart by Habersham, County GA deputies on what they call a drug raid.  This illustrates the destructive nature sanctioned by the federal government's issuance of dollars for drug busts.

Baby BouBou would not have suffered such life altering injuries if it were not for huge drug raids with little to no reconnoitering before launching these careless and destructive raids.  It is really a simple fix that can be handled by a stroke of a pen in Washington by the States's top cop Eric Holder.  Attorney General Holder can end these "drug raids" by stopping federal dollars from running into police departments for any drugs they seize or drug related arrests.  Sure federal dollars should run, but to departments that carefully execute the law.





SELF DEFENSE PART 2: Operation Urgent Fury - Greneda, A Perspecitve More Than 30 Years Later.

When I began this series last month I ran a video of a martial arts instructor teaching his techique to a group of students.  I felt he was quite thorough as a teacher and I wanted to share.  However, when I considered what I would post next under the guise of self defense, I never thought it would be about the revolution in Grenada that spurred the U.S. to attack the little island with their newly developed special forces group teams.  I went to youtube to research more on what U.S. military groups actually took part in the invasion of the spice island.  I learned that it was mostly special forces units; Army Rangers in first, Delta Force, Navy S.E.A.L.s, Green Berets, Force Marine Recon, Airforce special forces, and U.S. Army Airborne units.  The invasion was a fiasco by military standards, but still overwhelming for an island nation the size of Grenada with no military to speak of.  So why attack Grenada?  And, why would I think of self defense and the Grenada Revolution? 

Feeding yourself and your family create a zone of freedom.  Every growing season each household should take control of what they eat and grow as much of their own fruits and veggies as they can.  It will give relief to your household economy and strengthen your body.  The Grenada Revolution said "Freedom Is Feeding Yourself".  After I watched these set of videos, I came to the renewed realization that when Black people take into our own hands we take our destiny the white over culture requires that it stop that progress. Feeding yourself from your own dirt is freeing yourself.  Check out the revolution that Reagan needed to stop.



Self Defense Part 1

I want to begin with a video.  The Teacher is very instructional and by his demonstration one should be able to observe that it is not force that determines your outcome, but the sheer will of mind with the body following.  Such that, you should be able to conceive that it is body power in this situation that will allow you to overcome a foe if ever attacked on this wise.  This video demonstrates power that can be extended over an opponent whether one is large, small, male, female.  Notice that this is a Teacher speaking and not simply a "master."  Take note here that what we persue under the moniker of self defense will morph into many forms.  It is our response to that change as to whether we will prevail or not.