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Abolish the "N" Word.....Humm???

(A possible "N" word in action?)

I am going to be on the late freight on this one. As the battle rages on to abolish the “N” word I have thought about it. I have tested my own mentality, and in fact I have reduced how much I use this word and whom I use it with. And, just as many want the “B” word gone as well. “B’s” do exist, and its my estimation about 75 percent of all “B’s” are men, but I digress. I came to the conclusion that I should at least lessen my use of the “N” word as I am not unaware of the origins of the word. Yet, deeper still I am fully aware of the very deep seated roots of the word that did not originate with the European, dehumanizing the Hue-man beings they bought as chattel property from other Hue-mans in Africa. I decided to lessen my use of the word on the following basis. I believe Christians are using the title of Christian, which was a name given them by their enemies in Antioch. I then reasoned that if I would not call myself a Christian on this basis, I then should not call myself or any other Hue-man the “N” word as it is a name that was put on us to dehumanize all people of color. Then.

However, I have also come to realize that the “N” word can be used to depict ALL peoples that take actions that are in fact uncivilized or inhumane. The “N” word fits on to those that debase any human being for their own uplift or their group’s specific benefit, therefore it belongs to naacp, yes the naacp meaning N*ggas Ain’t Always Colored People. So I have compiled a list of n*ggas that are not what Tupac coined; Never Ignorant Getting Goals Accomplished but those of a wicked actions;

A N*gga is the man that shoots his friend in the face on a hunting trip, rather than accompany his friend to the hospital he goes back to work in D.C. That’s a N*gga!

A N*gga has a child knows who the daddy is, but convinces another man he is the daddy. They move to The Bahamas in a nice lovely house then she dies never naming the daddy, that’s a N*gga!

A N*gga walks up to my nephew and his best friend shoots and kills them, then goes to jail and says through tears “it wasn’t me” and says he wants to commit suicide. But, he bragged to his friends how he put in work for the hood when he was out. That’s a N*gga!

A N*gga gets a falsified search warrant, breaks into a 92 year old woman’s house shoots her to death then plants marijuana and rolling papers in her house as she lay on the bed bleeding to death. That’s a N*gga!

A N*gga lies about weapons of mass destruction being in Iraq knowing full well there are none there and when he is found out he then says “…Well Saddam tried to kill my daddy” and proceeds to send people off to die for their personal and business benefit. Now that’s a REAL N*gga there!!!

A N*gga gets drafted into the NFL then in one year has so many police contacts that the league suspends him. He comes home to the Atlanta and on June 17th gets into a argument with another patron of the strip club, has a rolling shoot out on a busy boulevard. That’s a STUPID N*gga!

A N*gga knows a judge in Georgia issued orders to release Genarlow Wilson on trumped up child molestation charges and the only Black State Attorney General in the U.S. immediately appeals the release. That’s a punk a$$ N*gga!

Well I think you get the picture. Maybe if we didn’t have any N*ggas then maybe we could get rid of the “N” word.

Posted on Monday, June 18, 2007 at 05:09PM by Registered Commenter[Victor Amenta] | CommentsPost a Comment

Sometimes we have to just stop and breath!


I think the lyrics to one of my favorite songs says it all.


What is life?  What does this life mean to you?  Check it from a RastaMan point of view.  And you will see that life is sweet and what you make it.


To some it is a burden, to I man its a journey or a trod if you're not careful.

You'll gain di world and lose the soul you have.  This is knowledge!

Let those in di world partake hereof, you neva know what you got til you lose what you got its not a burden.

Tell dem its a journey or a trod if you're not careful you'll gain di world and lose the soul you have.  Let those in di world partake hereof you neva know what you got til you lose what you got.

I feel as if there is no chance for me no balance no gravity.  How can I save myself from this calamity?  Open my eyes around me pure friend or enemy people of different motives and quality, some weilding for power while I pull for sanity to conquer fear and carnal anxiety.

I see my people suffa everyday all around many me fell victims where they are they are lonely.  I sing this for my homies the ones dem who know me, who grow me who show me, Buju Banton surely.

I learned my mathimatics from di skillfull Tony who hustle wid bones street smart and show me.  English grammar I owe to Miss Romie, Selassie I call me, me declare di glory.  There is hope for everyman surely there is hope for everyman surely.

Its not a burden go and tell the world it is a trod if you're not careful you'll gain this world and lose the soul you have, there is knowledge let those in the world partake hereof you neva know what you got til you lose what you got.

As sure as the sun shines I'm taking whats mine, the times the signs children having babies, demoralizing the ladies.  The rise of pagan churches shares and psychic, black and white magic all disguised in clever logic, shall be tragic upon false prophets who rise and lie and Mother Theresa cry, as Peace Maker dies, Clinton testifies.  And resevoirs run dry, the ozone layer die and we don't know why, oooh.

Life is not a burden, tell dem its a journey or a trod if you're careful you'll gain this world and lose the soul you have.  There is knowledge let those in di world partake hereof you never know what you got til you lose what you got.

Wars cannot help us to better ourselves inside every man there is a hidden wealth.  Every man wants to be comfortable no man wants to be disabled.  Some too greedy, too craven and all dem get dat still nuh sufficient.  Some love war and dat nuh mek sense, envy bring hatred, crime and violence.  Listen Buju di Banton ah open up you sense I hope you really don't tek offense.

Its not a burden I know its a journey or a trod if you're not careful you'll gain dis world and lose the soul you have there is knowledge let those in di world partake hereof you neva know what you got til you lose what you got.  No no no, its not a burden its a trod if you're not careful you'll gain this world and lose the soul you have. There is knowledge let those in di world partake hereof.  You neva know what you got til you lose what you got, hey.

 Feel as if there is no chance for me
No balance, no gravity
How can I save myself from this calamity
Open my eyes around me, pure friend and enemy
People of different motives and quality
Pulling for power while I pull for sanity
To conquer myself and calm all anxiety
Every minute, every hour
I ask the Father over me
Ask Buju Banton fe guide dem surely
Listen to the music and ask him the glory
Selassie I call me, me tell dem the story
And listen Buju Banton pon the riddim surely
Hey, hey, hey
Hear me say my bredren!!!

---Mark Myrie Aka Buju Banton



Posted on Thursday, June 21, 2007 at 03:56PM by Registered Commenter[Victor Amenta] | CommentsPost a Comment

Debate or Slogan Fest?

I saw the Tavis Smiley forum last night and was deeply disappointed. This was the third “debate” (I use that term loosely), yet this was the first I was able to see. Got my popcorn ready, some juice and was ready to go. Finally, after about 15 minutes the candidates come out onto the stage. They answered a preliminary question by a “regular” person from the audience, then came the questions from the journalist. Dwayne Wickham , columnist for USA Today and The Gannett News Service posed this question: “Unemployment for Black high school GRADUATES is 33% higher than white high school DROPOUTS. How do you explain this disparity?” Joe Biden proceeded to speak about how disadvantaged Black mothers should begin to talk to their children. He stated, by talking to your children at a young age they would have a vocabulary of 300 words more than the child that was not talked to by the parent which would lead to a higher high school graduation rate. Congressman Dennis Kucinich, said he would do away with No Child Left Behind, because it only test the children and doesn’t ensure learning. Senator Obama chimed in on the same rhetoric about our disadvantaged children not graduating. I will grant the fact that he did emphasize “our children”. Yet, the question was about Black children that DID graduate, and why they had an unemployment rate 33% higher than white dropouts.

The night continued along the path of slogan slinging, pandering to the crowd. Not one spoke about what plan they had for the country. None spoke about what is really important to Black people which is the direction Tavis wanted to take the debate. None spoke about predatory lending that’s haunting Black Americans. None touched on the collapse of sub prime lending institutions. None spoke on why the American oil refining stations are not on line, which helps to drive up oil prices. None said a word about the war. Oh that’s right Tavis Smiley said he wanted to lead the “debate” into issues that concerned Black people. So is he implying the war is not an issue for Black people? Is Tavis implying that Black people are not homeowners? Is there an implication that we are not concerned with the price of oil? Is Tavis giving the world the notion that we are not concerned with the economics of the country and the world? Somehow, the talk always circled back around to people not getting a good education, not getting good health care, to Black people being disadvantaged, and that racism is alive and well in the United States.

By the end of the night, I felt battered, and disappointed. Disappointed in Tavis Smiley leading the discussion into issues that concern Black people, but somehow all these issues were concerning poverty and ill treatment due to race, as if Black people are the poster children for the poor. To the contrary, in fact in 2006 Black homeownership reached an all time high, according to the Urban League’s essay “Black Homeownership: A Dream No Longer Deferred” In 2003 Black spending power was rated somewhere between 631 billion to 688 billion dollars annually. So where does this poor thing come from? Tavis, thanks for making the world see us as po’ lil ol thangs! Thanks Obama for not deflecting this poor syndrome, since most of the people in the audience were far from poor.

Posted on Friday, June 29, 2007 at 06:21PM by Registered Commenter[Victor Amenta] | Comments5 Comments | References1 Reference

Government for who?

There you have it. The Democrats fronted, told you they were going to make Dubya bring “our boys” home from Iraq, then boom, they caved in and signed on to a bill without time limits on the soldiers fighting the Bush War. There seems to be a concerted effort on the part of the Democrats in Congress/Senate to deceive you into thinking they are working on your behalf. They brought forth a bill to cut funding if the troops would not be withdrawn in certain time period, that bill passed but was vetoed by Dubya. Then came all the yapping from Nancy Pelosi and crew that Dubya was President Dubya and not King Dubya. Wolf, wolf, wolf. The next bill came up without time limits and what do you know, Dubya signs. Oh yeah, lest I forget, there was a rider on the War Funding bill to increase the federal minimum wage, so when Dubya signed, he approved an increase in the federal minimum wage. Hooray, the Dems came through for the working poor!! Correction, Greg Miller, Democrat from California says “this is a great day for the middle class”, speaking about the minimum wage increase. Did I miss something here? Has there been an adjustment in the classes in the U.S.? People that make $5.15 per hour are now the middle class?

This government, this congress, this Senate in the United States is not working for its citizens. Seventy four percent of the population in the U.S. wants the military to get out of Iraq. Yet the president and congress will not act on the will of the people they were sent to congress to represent, however Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen. Barak Obama both voted against the War Funding bill. Fifty percent of the population is ready for a change in the immigration policy in this country, yet not one person that has announced their run for the presidency and is a member of the Senate went and voted, either for or against the bill. This is an outright, and blatant disregard for the will of the people of the United States and you are being duped. These congress persons and senators are not in touch with the average citizen in this country. And the average citizen has played a part in their own demise. The average Joe will sit and rely on the “news”, the newspaper and not think for themselves. The average Joetta will say “well they have information we are not privy to.” This is utter nonsense and this MIND set has brought the people YOU run to vote for, to put into office to represent YOU has put YOU in a situation where they can have utter disregard for your will.

Posted on Friday, May 25, 2007 at 01:19PM by Registered Commenter[Victor Amenta] | CommentsPost a Comment

Elections in the Bahamas May 2, 2007-Rt Honorable Hubert Ingraham and the FNM Elected!


What will occur in Bahamas?  Will there be a change to serve the people?  The current PM is Mr. Perry Christie of the Progressive Liberal Party-PLP his opponent is Mr. Hubert Ingrham of the Free National Movement-FNM Party.  Lets see how they do Black people in their country.  It always seems to me that during elections the major parties in a country seem to be able to turn the heads of the electorate to issues that are really not important to the daily lives of the common citizen.  For instance, the PLP is using a slogan "No turning back....Continue the progress".  I often tune in to Real Talk with Jeff Lloyd a radio talk program on More 94 FM, based in Nassau Bahamas.  Many of the constituants in the Bahamas are seeing this as a way the PLP is pulling the "race card".  Apparently the "no turning back..." is an inference to a time when the 90 percent Black population was ruled by a 10 percent white  minority.  Of course the PLP are denying this as a racial ploy, and saying it only means they are wanting to be the party that will continue the "good" work they have done over the last five years.  Many Bahamaians are complaining that the race card is a low blow.  However, this seems to me that in a country where the population is 90 percent Black anyone should be able to see this cannot be a race issue, hey but what do I know?   As with most elections these days what is important is down played and the absurd is the talk of the day.  What should be the talk of the people and the candidates is the proposed change in the monetary and banking system of the Bahamas.  But no, its illegal immigration of Haitians, abortion, same sex marriage and cronyism.  One thing is clear, both candidates, the incumbent Perry Christie and the challenger Hubert Ingraham are millionares and most of the people voting are not!  We will see just what happens and what really changes for the common citizen.

Posted on Monday, April 30, 2007 at 04:25PM by Registered Commenter[Victor Amenta] | CommentsPost a Comment

Obama's life threatend-Hip Hop Lesson on Ensayn Radio!

HomeLand Security and the Secret Service have confirmed threats to Senator Barak Obama's life...Details later. 

Check out the Ensayn Asylum tonight for my spin on the change from intellectual consious lyrics to nonsense messages from 7-10pm Eastern Time!

Posted on Thursday, May 3, 2007 at 04:43PM by Registered Commenter[Victor Amenta] | Comments1 Comment | References1 Reference

The Original Americans are Black

Philip, King of Mount Hope, 1772, by Paul Revere

Sechem Metacomet

…Old Mexican traditions say that the name of the city is Teotihuacan. That name probably refers back to the most ancient era of Egypt. It was at Heliopolis that an Egyptian deity called Tehuti, was believed to maintain the records of the kings and the history of the nation. According to the Egyptian hieroglyphics, tehuti also judges the souls of the dead at the burial city of Heliopolis. The Mexican name, Teoti-huacan remembers that this was Tehuti’s city…

Horace Butler author of When Rocks Cry Out

When the Ancient people of Kemet (Egypt) reached the shores of Amexem (America) they saw a mirror reflecting themselves. Unfortunately too many Black people living in what is called the Diaspora cannot conceive of Black people living in the Americas before Columbus. When this science is dropped the mind goes numb, they often respond with “Black folk wanna be er’thang but Black.” The fact is that Black people covered the Earth from North to South from East to West. It is white supremacy (this is a misnomer as well but we shall deal with it at another time) speaking via the Black mouth and the black brain moving the Black mouth believes unconsciously that white supremacy is truly all supreme. What I hear when the “slave” minded Black person says these things is “massa is powerful strong, he carried us way cross de ocean in his powerful strong ships and dats how we made it to ‘merica.” I refer to them as the “slave” mind Black person because this person has not come to the real-Eye-zation that the Black woman is Goddes, and gave birth wherever she went. The “slave” doesn’t know that Black people did not just sit in Africa (a word to deal with later) waiting for the European to come and buy him to transport him to the Americas. The “slave” cannot comprehend that she has been coming to the Americas, the South Pacific, Europe, Asia and raising up civilization for HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF YEARS!!!! One that remains in the mind that a white man brought him or her to the rest of the world will remain in a state of slavery and cannot progress until she can change her mind.

When you believe you were a slave brought to the Americas, then one will remain in the state of slavery. Overstand that a slave is one who has no history other than the one the slave master has given them. Ninety five percent of the Black people making up the Americas are the aboriginals of these lands and thus we were “subjugated” and forced into slavery. Know then that one who is subjugated was reigning in their land and were overtaken in war, subjugated. This leaves you with a since of history, one you created and not one handed down to you.  To believe you were brought to the Americas on a slave ship is a history your slave master continues to tell you, and you keep buying it.  Even to the point that you become insulting when rebutting your true herstory.

The above photo is an Anglicized depiction of Sechem Metacomet made to appear to look like a light skinned Black man with European features. In fact Sechem Metacomet was an Amexem Moor, an aboriginal of the Americas formally called Amexem. The word Sechem is the basis for the word senator. One who rules purely by the will of the people.  Metacomet represented the Wampanoag people and fought against the Pilgrims beginning in 1675.  He was finally killed by the English in August 1676, his wife and son were captured and sold into slavery (subjugated) to the Caribbean island of Burmuda. 

The other continued lie the former slave master teaches and you most often accept it and repeat is that the "Indian was not as strong as the African, so they died."  This is also a falsehood.  When you examine your herstory closely you will find the so called indian is the Black person next to you and around you including yourself.  We were not exterminated, most of us were shipped first to Spain, then the Canary Islands and then to West Africa.  Later the offspring of these very same people were brought back to the Americas.  Eventually, the expense and insurance for traveling back and forth to Africa was too great and most slave trading was done between the American mainland and the Caribbean islands.

Find your true Herstory and stop repeating His-story!

Read;  The Only Land They Knew, (Chapt 11)

They Came Before Columbus

Black Indians

Africans and Native Americans

Find on the Internet;

Hunting Native Americans in Barbados

The Binay Tribe


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Diane Abbott celebrates 20 years as the first elected Black female MP in Britain!

Ethnic minority women 'excluded from power'. Fawcett Society report published to coincide with 20th anniversary of Diane Abbott's election to Parliament

Diane Abbott MP since June 11, 1987

Diane Abbott was the first Black female Member of Parliament ever elected in Britain on June 11th, 1987.  As MP Abbott celebrates her 20 years in Parliament she is still one of only two Black women in the British Parliament out of 646 members.  While making a guest appearance on Reverend Jesse Jackson’s radio program Keep Hope Alive, heard on Sunday mornings in the U.S., MP, Abbott said “Black people make up ten percent of the British population and could be a considerable force if only Black people in Britain understood their power at the ballot.” 

Posted on Monday, June 11, 2007 at 05:59PM by

Tai Chi-Moving like water...The Supreme Ultimate

Yang Chengfu in a posture from the Tai Chi solo form known as Single Whip, circa 1918

Yang Chengfu playing Single Whip.

Let us satisfy the mind to please the body.  The body follows the mind.  I was checking The Freeslave writing on The Inside Out and what kind of internal work we need to do.  I am a serious practioner of Tai Chi as it perscribes that we work internally on ourselves, spiraling in on ourselves.  In this we will be able to learn the method of overcoming hurdles that may hinder us.  How can the ill heal the ill?  Often we jump at attempting to heal our people, then the world.  Will we not be back in the same condition if we do not take steps to heal ourselves?  Does not healing begin with proper eating?  Proper drinking?  Proper thought?  Please read Voices of Our Ancestors by Dyani Ywahoo.

Posted on Monday, May 14, 2007 at 04:17PM by

Stop BET'S Hot Ghetto Mess, Press Release


Black Bloggers and Civil Rights Groups Unite to Topple BET’s “Hot Ghetto Mess”

Austin, TX -July 19, 2007 - If Viacom’s Black Entertainment Television goes through with it’s plans to air ” Hot Ghetto Mess” next week, many people will be watching, but not for the reason BET wants. Realizing that mere online advocacy was not going to be enough to topple “Hot Ghetto Mess” after she’d gotten advertisers to flee the show, Gina McCauley, creator of the blog What About Our Daughters? turned to a coalition of religious and women’s groups including the African Methodist Episcopal Church, the National Coalition for Black Civic Participation, National Organization for Women, Rainbow PUSH, and the National Congress of Black Women.

The result is what may very well be the largest intergenerational collaboration between young online activists and their older offline counterparts in United States history. Their focus; to convince advertisers that buying ad time on BET’s “Hot Ghetto Mess” just isn’t worth it, despite the high ratings that the show is likely to bring if it airs.

On July 25, 2007, “Hot Ghetto Mess” watch parties are being scheduled in Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, Austin, the District of Columbia and the list of locations keeps growing. Those attending the watch parties will be recording which companies purchase advertisements during the show. The coalition then plans to target those businesses with possible boycotts or demonstrations.

” The message we want to send to advertisers is that “Hot Ghetto Mess” is radioactive. They don’t want to come within one mile of it.” McCauley said.

Transitioning from being a one-woman blog to working with long-established organizations has not been easy. “There’s a reason why the only organization I belong to is AAA( the roadside assistance company).” In fact McCauley’s dialogue with these groups began after she wrote a post on her blog criticizing their methods.

“I’m not going to lie and say I haven’t been impatient with the pace of their response,” said McCauley. “As a blogger I move at warp speed. I can respond instantaneously with one click. I don’t have to have a committee debate what I am going to release to the world.” While initially disappointed with the pace of the response to her request for assistance, her patience is finally beginning to pay off.

“Yes, to me, they move at glacial speed.” McCauley says of the organizations she’s been working with “BUT, when they move- THEY MOVE!”. Currently that glacier is aimed straight at Black Entertainment Television and Viacom.

Contact: Gina McCauley, creator of the blog, What About Our Daughters (interview requests)

What About Our Daughters
“Combating negative portrayals of African American women in popular culture.”


I'm Feeling: Pretty Good!

Posted on Friday, July 20, 2007 at 08:52AM by Registered Commenter[Victor Amenta] |

Mychal Bell may be released!!!

Senseless Black Sheet Situation of the Moment

Rev. Al Sharpton just reported from Jena, LA that the Judge in the Mychal Bell case has set bond at $45,000.  Rev. Al Sharpton and Martin Luther King III are in Jena, LA at this time awaiting word to post the bail for Mr. Bell.  This comes on the heels of a 1PM Est press conference by Jena, LA District Attorney Reed Walters, stating that if bond were to be set it be up to the judge, who happens to be the same judge J.P. Mauffray, that sentenced Mychal Bell to 22 years later dropping the sentence to 15 years once the sentence was lowered to a juvenile offense.  Walters addressed the press shortly after Governor Kathleen Blanco met with the district attorney.

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I have been tagged by the Beautiful one Aulelia of the Charcoal Link blog and my man Asabagna of the Second Book of Asabagna to tell you eight things about myself.

1) I am a food fanatic for real.  I watch food shows, create recipes and hit every nations restaurant in my area be it New Orleans, Liberian, Jamaican, Haitian, Greek, Memphis Style Bar-b-que, Nigerian, Soul food, Lebanese, Trinidadian, Indian, Mexican, Armenian, Dominican, Sushi.....I better stop here..LOL

2) I have a great desire to live in Puerto Rico...I can't explain why.

3) I am an original Southern Californian (Sureño), now living in the Greater Atlanta Metro area.  My 10th year this month!

4) I am a bookstore fan.

5) Some of my favorite books; Revolutionary Suicide, The Autobiograpy of Malcolm X, The Great Cosmic Mother, The Unseen Hand and I am Third by Gale Sayers

6) I must visit Egypt and the Ancient Egyptian monuments at Luxor.

7) Reggae music is my all time favorite music, but I believe Blues is the mother of all modern music today including Reggae and I love them all. "Life without music, I can't go oh no...." from Steel Pulse's Roller Skates.

8) Some favorite films; Life and Debt in Jamaica, Apacalypse Now, The God Father parts I & II, Saving Private Ryan, Malcolm X, Enter the Dragon, Sankofa, Maria Full of Grace...

Now I understand I must tag eight others...But it appears most have been tagged by now....I'm out!

Posted on Wednesday, July 11, 2007 at 04:01PM by Registered Commenter[Victor Amenta] | Comments4 Comments

Mind storm; The misunderstanding of fear

Photo courtesy of NASA

Elo; Fear is the major impediment for Black people in the world. It is the power of the mind that will change the living conditions of our people. We battle conditions that surround us, many of which emanate from our own minds. We are no longer being killed by outside destructive forces that have haunted us in the past, but the destructive thoughts rooted in fear. Fear is tie that is binding the minds of Black people.

Elo; Fear is a hurdle in the mind that retards growth in our lives. Most often fear manifests itself in the forms of jealousy, envy hate and down right procrastination. I have had a couple experiences lately that have motivated me to write on this point. There is a brotha that I commute to work with on the rapid transit here in the ATL, and we often get into conversation. During our daily movement I have learned that he has a talent he shares in church for people that are hard of hearing. On one occasion he was invited to present a workshop to the 100 Black Men of Atlanta on the skill he has honed. He was advised he would need to write a proposal to be presented by the person that was the contact for the organization. I asked if he had ever written a proposal and he acknowledged he had not. I told him of several websites that would assist him and a couple books as well. Right then, I mean right at that point he began to use words of doubt in the conversation…”I don’t know if I can do this”, “maybe I am not ready yet.” The workshop he was to put on never happened, yet he says in his parting words daily “have a blessed day.” He allowed fear to deter his blessing he prays for daily. I never used to be able to comprehend the fear of success until recently.

Elo; The fear of not having enough, (let me say at this juncture that white supremacy has perpetuated this fear to a frenzied level), has driven into the hearts and minds of our youth that “getting money” will solve all their problems in life. The fear of not having enough, a negative fire fanned by white supremacy has created a youth society of over sexualized, inferiorized children. So you see young boys as young as age 13 are kicking in doors committing home invasions with the intent of getting money with the intent of filling a void however temporary the “getting money” tranquilizer will numb them until they commit the next crime until they are in jail, prison or dead.

Elo; These fears, rarely appear in a form of fear but in the forms or anger, malice and self destructive behavior. But, it is the mind that needs to be clarified. We are facing a time that is dissolving the course of individuated mind. We are facing a time of homogenous processing of mind. As we move forward into this time we have to make a commitment to study of the great works of our Ancestors. We have to create ways to gain overstanding that it is our minds that will create our next realm of living. Most of us know right from wrong. Choose to exercise your rights, Right Understanding, Right Thought, Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right MINDFULNESS, Right Concentration.

This is the Eight Fold Path.


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Cecile Fatiman-Ezili Danto

August 14, 1791.  On a hilltop in Bwa Kaiymon our people gathered for service and to take an oath until death.  The most powerful person presiding over the ceremony was Cecile Fatiman.  A Beautiful Black woman with long flowing Black hair and green eyes sets the tone and conducts the tempo of the service, music and the spirit.  Many have called her a mulatto, some she she is the daughter of a Corsican Prince and an African woman.  Others believe this powerful Mambo was of Arabic descent based the fact her last name is Fatima.  The spirit of Mambo Fatima's head is Erzulie Dantor or Ezili Danto!  Ezili Danto is a loa/lwa of the firey Petwo rite.  Rev. Radine Amen Ra teaches us that Green eyes are in fact a Navtive American trait common in the Black people of Mississippi.  The Petwo rite is based strongly on the Black Native Americans and was not practiced in Africa, but founded on the island of Ayiti under the pressure of slavery!

Let us not forget out Great black woman.  Check Frances L. Holland for the story of Makeda with Solomon!


What we must remember!

This part of a speech given by Boukman, on Black August 22, 1791. The gathering was presided over by Haitian Priestess Mama Sesil Fatima who crowned Boukman with the powerful Petwo scepter....

"The god who created the sun which gives us light, who rouses the waves and rules the storm, though hidden in the clouds, he watches us. He sees all that the white man does. The god of the white man inspires him with crime, but our god calls upon us to do good works. Our god who is good to us orders us to revenge our wrongs. He will direct our arms and aid us. Throw away the symbol of the god of the whites who has so often caused us to weep, and listen to the voice of liberty, which speaks in the hearts of us all."

Kanga Mundele!

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The Orphanage and School at Grison-Garde, Haiti


These are the simple statistics of the Haitian children:


          About 70% of the Haitian people are children (3)

          23% of the children under five are suffering
malnutrition (5)

          10% children will die before the age of 4 (6)

          70% of the population lives below poverty level (7)

          50% of the Haitian population is illiterate (8)

          Only 54% of children are in school(9)

          300,000 children in Haiti are abandoned or enslaved (10)

          10% of children is a restavk (house-slave) (11)

          200,000 children are orphaned by
AIDS each year (12)

          1.2 million children are infected with HIV or dying of AIDS right now(13)


These figures are horrifying but very real. The poverty-stricken country has been desolate; high population and political instability leads to underinvestment and poor quality of the expenditures of time, money and consideration. The children get the brunt.




Many parents cannot take of care their children or the children are living out on the street already
street children. They are sent to be a restavk (house servant) in a more comfortable house. In principle, life should be much easier: a clean place to live, schooling, food and health care in exchange 

for domestic services.


In actuality, most restavks are little more than slaves.

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The correct fight!

Public Enemy in concert in 2006

Public Enemy in concert 2006

Change the *hit right now!! Please believe there is enough good hip hop on market today to make the change. How many of you really listen to hip hop? Do you really? Did you buy the latest Public Enemy cd? Did you buy the latest Krs One cd? How about the latest Lord Jamar disc? Is Talib Kweli in your collection? Is Amen Ra in your cd pile? If not, why not? Why don’t we take this to the correct level? Yes Imus and his ilk MUST be attacked! We are fools to argue over who & how the attack comes against racist. We are at war, and wars take on several fronts and the correct weaponry must be brought to the forefront for that particular battle front. I am not a lover of any of the Revs, however I know they have a place in the battle and should not be brushed aside.  The battle front of marching, chanting and tel-lie-vision spin is their arena, not mine or many of us.  Each of us has a duty in this war for the minds of our people.

At this juncture, let those of us that are hip hop lovers begin, first of all by BUYING, yes spending money, for the cd’s of rappers like Hi Tek, Ras Kass and Rags. Next we will begin to write the Black own radio outlets like Radio One to petition them to play Krs One and Public Enemy, Lord Jamar and the like. I am certain that once this rap is played constantly in the rotation Black/brown kids will begin to request this music and it will be purchased at a higher rate, thus creating a market for the music. I am not without mind to know that about 80% of rap is purchased by whites, however, with better lyrics being played in constant radio rotation more Black and brown parents will purchase this music.

Next, we have to re-educate the rappers. Today’s superstar rappers are not making music for Black people. As I said before about 80% of rap is purchased by whites who believe the stereotype of the big strong buck or the magical negro. These rappers that are on heavy rotation today are feeding this stereotype via the lyrics in the songs, the white record execs see the monetary success and push these nonsense messages. This is why we Black people are appalled at the lyrics because we are NOT these songs and lyrics.  And many of us know that they are feeding white mind. 

In essence we need to support the conscious MC’s, buying their product, petitioning radio stations to play their music rather than beating down the nonsense rappers.  These nonsense rappers are "children of production" as George Clinton of Parliament/Funkadelic coined it.  They are responding to a call from the market for the garbage, once the garbage makes no money the switch will made on the on the record company level. 

Get these artist;

Talib Kweli

Lord Jamar


Public Enemy

Krs One

Ras Kass

The Suns of Light

Mos Def


On the dancehall level


Chuck Fenda

Richie Spice



Natural Black

Fanton Mojah

Buju Banton

I Wayne

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Police Killings continue in the Atlanta Metro Area

Outside the Frozen Palace night club.

Ron Pettaway III was killed by police on the early morning of April 15, 2007.  His brother Roy Pettaway, was shot in the stomach by officers on the same morning. 

From witnesses that were at the club, this is what occured.  Ron Pettaway remarked to another club goer that he looked like Lil Wayne of the Cash Money rap team.  In response the man said he was not Lil Wayne and that he was from Brooklyn and didn't like the comment.  Mr. Pettaway responded that he meant no insult and was just expressing a thought but no insult was intended.  Shortly after, a fight ensued with the man that says he was from Brooklyn and some of his friends and the two Pettaway brothers.  The police were called and Ron Pettaway was escorted outside by the police.  During, the escort Ron Pettaway told the policeman that arrived first on the scene that he would cooperate, however requested the policman take his hands off him.  Roy Pettaway stayed inside to pay the tab and once he was outside he saw an altercation with his brother and the first policeman on the scene.  By this time a female officer had arrived on the scene and was attempting to handcuff Roy Pettaway.  The female officer was having a hard time handcuffing Roy Pettaway, so the male officer sprayed pepper spray in order to assist the female officer.  The pepper spray caught the wind and blew into the eyes of the female officer, she fell on the ground.  Ron Pettaway, while handcuffed, broke away from the male officer the officer then fired one shot to the stomach of Ron Pettaway, who then doubled over from the impact of the bullet and a second shot by the same officer hit Ron in the head.  When the female officer that was on the ground, eyes shut, blinded by the pepper spray assumed her partner was being fired upon FIRED HER WEAPON WITH HER EYES CLOSED hitting Roy Pettaway in the back....

I am just taken aback by the simple fact that Black people have to fight each other over the most miniscule, insignificant things.  I do not know if these officers are Black or white, however we are living in an era that people, police, and criminal find it so easy to take human life.  Why? Why? Why?


Disclaimer; Much of the information is unconfirmed, as the police REFUSED to take eye witness reports after the shooting.

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St. Maurice patron saint of Germany
Race.  There was a time when race was not an important issue.  Your nation of origin was the determining factor as to whether people accepted you or you were discriminated against to any degree.  By the late 1880’s there was a concerted effort put on by the European to belittle Black people simply because he KNEW how of the great works of the Black people of the Nile Valley, in Kemet, Meroe, Axum , Punt and Azania.  The European had studied the plagiarized works of Pythagoras, Aristotle, Anaximander, Plato and the rest.  In fact Herodotus tells us where their base of knowledge comes from.  Here in the United States race is primarily a color issue and not African vs European as it appears at first look.  We Black people know of instances of Blacks “passing”, yes passing themselves off as white in this society.  I have often asked myself how could this be, if it were a matter of race and not color.   However, there is no excuse for the outright downpression of one group over another, and the destruction continues.  In our minds and bodies is where the revolution must begin.  It is a matter of belief and knowing that will create a ground swell of change.  We first must dispel the notions that all white people were free during the era of slavery and that all black people were slaves.  This is the first thing that must be dealt with.  Ask yourself how a Black man (John Hanson) could be the President of the United States under the Articles of Confederation, just prior to George Washington.  Next we need to know that the basis for the constitution was created by Black people.  The Constitution is based on the Haudenosaunee (The Caucus of Peace and Power) which was given to our people in month Black August 31, 1142.  And Gayanashagowa ( The Great Law of Peace) which the whites call a “constitution.”   Thus the fetters of slavery will begin to loosen and fall….
We have to begin and know we are the people of the Earth and not of a continent.  We cover and span the whole creation, thus we need to drop the misnomer African (a word created by and for the European).  America is a word created by the European and the word itself is speaking of Black people, yet again we deminish our overall expanse limiting ourselves to one continent.  Lets really learn who we are.  We have created Great Great works from the lessons on the pyramids to the civiliaztions in the South Pacific.
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The Meaning of the Five Percent



Details of Supernova Remnant Cassiopeia A




Mama Cassiopia

The poor have been made into slave by those who teach lies, they don’t teach the law of cause and effect. They make the people believe when they see it rain that a spook is producing it. But, the rain is real. How then can the cause be unreal? We are witnessing conditions in the world that are caused by real men, yet you don’t see the real cause of the effect of your own suffering. Because, the bloodsuckers of the poor make you think God is some mystery God. Well the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said to us there is 5 percent who are the Poor Righteous Teachers, who don’t believe the teaching of lies of the 10 percent. But, this 5 percent are all wise and know who the true and living God is and they teach that the true and living God is the Supreme Being, The Son of Man; The Black man of Asia. They’re also known as Muslims and Muslim’s sons. Here is a small percentage of people who know God and when they know God they have a duty. And the duty is to teach what you know to those who do not know. And then, those of us who are in pursuit of that duty have the 10 percent, the rich, the bloodsuckers of the poor, the slave makers of the poor, they hate the 5 percent they have control over the minds of the masses and they turn the 85 percent against the 5 percent by teaching lies about a righteous teacher. So they can persecute the 5 percent, not helped by the 85 percent……

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President Obama?

Senator Barak Obama


Now we reach a new day, Barak Obama for president.  Senator Obama has shown himself to be a viable candidate, contending with the front runner Senator Hillary Clinton.  $25 million dollars have been raised by the Barak campaign, and as we know it is not always what you say but what you have in your "war chest" that will make what you say stick and become something real in the minds of the electorate. 

Many Black people and people of every race see Senator Obama as a candidate that is not of the Washington "establishment" as Senator Clinton is being viewed.  In fact, Senator Obama is projecting himself as not being part of the "old guard."  Yet, I have yet to see anyone accept the rights of the Office of the President and not be transformed into the faction of the old standard of Washington. I contend it is not possible at this point in United States history to be outside of the circle of the establishment and get ANYTHING accomplished.  To believe that a new day will dawn because a mouth says it is not one of the Washington establishment is to believe in Santa Claus.  There are forces at work that have nothing to do with who votes, or how many vote, but, how the country will move in an economic way to their financial advantage. 

We Black people that live in the United States, have got to consider what the Office of the President represents to the world.  We have to consider that we have had, since the 1960's Black Mayors, Black Congresspersons, Black Govenors (from time to time), Black Senators (from time to time), and yet we are still singing the same ole song!  The few elected individuals that have stood up for the common citizen has been thurst out of office and in some cases mysteriously died (remember Harold Washington, mayor of Chicago?) Sure we need a comprehensive health care plan that will benefit all persons residing in the U.S., sure we need grass roots efforts to help the plight of Black people in this country.  But, we have politicians in office RIGHT NOW,  that can do something about this.  AND YET WE SING THE SAME SONG!  Can Mr. Obama really change this??

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Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.



Thirty nine years ago today a messiah was taken from the world.  I remember our telephone ringing and I heard my mother say "hey daddy" and I felt elated, cause it was grand daddy calling from Memphis.  Then the expression on my mother's face changed, changed to shock and sorrow.  She dropped the phone, turned to my father and said "Mac turn on the news, they just assinated Dr. King."  All the while I was sitting there stunned not fully understanding the gravity of what was coming from my mother's mouth.  My father promptly turned on the television, but no news as yet.  We were in San Diego, CA and there was no CNN at that time.  My mother began to cry, feeling hurt as if she had lost a family member.  I guess she felt this way was since she had worked for the NAACP branch in Memphis and had the honor of meeting Dr. King on occasion.  Of course, I as a child could feel her sorrow and thought I should feel pain as well.  Finally, after about an hour the news carried the story of the assination of the King!  My grandparents, called back and told the family that Memphis was now going up in flames downtown was being burned.

So here we are today, Black, proud and strong!  Unfortunately, we are dealing with many of the same issues that Dr. King fought so vigorously against.  And yet racism has flourished, has become a pestilance of the mind.  We have allowed ourselves to be manipulated into believing that freedom comes via the possesion of "things" that currency (what many of you call money) will give you liberation.  We have allowed ourselves to buy into the idea that college education alone will set you free, and yet many of us have attained these things and our people fall deeper into the quagmire of selfish ignorance.  There are lights of hope all around us and I believe the AfroSpear will be a powerful force to recon with as blogging gains more importance, as blogging is gaining more influence via this medium, the internet.  We are our own hope.  The last light of the leaders of the "old" procession is flickering out as we begin to emerge as the "new" procession of fire that will light the way to self resurrection.


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CHECK THIS OUT!!! Shaquanda Cotton Released 3/30/07

I Just saw this on the Field Negro blog...EVERYONE PLEASE CHECK THIS STORY AND SCREAM!!!  YELL!!!  Please Link to Field Negro blog and link to Shaquaneda's Blog!!!  You can link to her blog from here as well!!!

You can link to the full story in the Chicago Tribune...See SITES MAY BE INTERESTED IN.

Ms. Cotton was released on March 30, 2007 after one year in prison.  See full story ON BlPosted on Saturday, March 31, 2007 at 11:52AM by Registered Commenter[Victor Amenta] | Comments1 Comment ack America Web under SITES YOU MAY BE INTERESTED IN! 

Shackles on your mind.

Go to fullsize image

Enslaved Blacks to be sold.


The chains have been removed for many many years now.  But, as the old cliche has it, your mind is now chained.  Here are some things that keep you in the mind of a slave.  They may be offensive to many of you, however you need to be slapped sometimes to take you out of your mental stupor.  Many of us are the "walking dead."  Many of us are the "resurrectors" of the dead.


Children! Stop telling your peers that if they speak the language properly, if they use words that you don't know they are acting "white."  This is bondage.  Whites do not have a monopoly on the proper usage of language.  Never have and never will.


Women, stop only reading romance novels.  Men, stop reading only the sports page.  These are fine once in a while.  However, we are in such a state that we need to build.  We need information on right investing, right saving, right budgeting, right understanding of past events (history), right understanding of the world today, right understanding of the music being played to our childern, right understanding of yourself.  Read books by Kamau Atem, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, George G. M. James, Assata Shakur just to name a few. READ THE DICTIONARY!  Yes I said read the dictionary, we must expand our vacabulary!  Read Robert Wilson's Unlocking Wealth, Women's Dictionary of Symbols.  Expand your mind and your world.  


We must stop destroying our health.  I hear you saying you eat pork "cuz masta ate da good parts and lef us da chittlins" or "pork is a survival food left over from slavery."  This is utter non-sense!  The plantation owners rarely gave their slave anything!! They had to raise their own food.  But let me ask you; Are you a slave?  Are you surviving? If you answer no, you should stop acting on the false stories you carry.  Learn to eat properly, and most of all EXERCISE!!!


Rapper, MC's, Singers, radio Program Directors, you DO have a responsibility to your listners.  Today's youngsters do not listen to music just to feel good, just to get a confirmation of certain beliefs or concerns that may be happening in the world today as people did 30 to forty years ago.  The Funk musical group Parliament/Funkadelic dressed in such a way while on stage that it could only be worn on stage as a costume and there were no videos to ehnance the song.  Today, not only is the dress replicated by the youth, but the life style is attempted.  The youth today listen to music beliving that what they hear is real.  You should not sing about the glory of the  "trap/drug dealer" lifestyle without rapping/singing about the consequences for those actions.  However, if you do rap about that lifestyle, you should at least rap about the consequences of the person that bought your poison.  In fact many of you NEVER lived that life, but you glorify it.  You lie and say you are only rapping/singing about the things you saw in your neighborhood.  You never saw anyone going to work everyday?  You never saw anyone in your neighborhood doing anything but drug dealing, prostituting and drug using?  The world is watching us!  If you are not a thug, gangster, drug dealer, stripper, prostitute, then stop dressing like one.  The world is watching us.  The world is watching us.


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Are the Caribbean Islands truely independent?

Location of The Bahamas

In March 2004 Operation Kingfish invaded the Island nation of Jamaica.  This is discribed as an "intelligence" gathering operation utilizing resources from the United States (Drug Enforcements Agents), the United Kingdom (Mi6) and the Jamaican police and military to root out drugs being exported from the little island.  Somehow with all this "intelligence" cocaine is getting more and more common in Jamaica...Hummm!!!

December 2006, 20 Bahamian citizens were detained by the United States government in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  At this time there are 5 Bahamian citizens arrested for conspiring and trafficking drugs into the United States.  The Honorable Cynthia Pratt, Deputy Prime Minister of National Security for the Bahamas has not issued a statement to date, suggesting the government has no knowledge of the investigation.  So let me get an understanding.  The United States sets up a program for the training of baggage handlers employed by Nassau Flight Services to take place outside of their nation and the government doesn't know anything about this??  To this date the Bahamian government says it has no knowledge of the operation (yeah right) and for some reason the people that are allegedly conspiring to send drugs to the U.S. all happen to be assigned to take this training class in Florida.  They were promptly arrested at the gate and are being held in a Florida jail.

So you tell me, that this independent nation of the Bahamas doesn't know about an operation being conducted by another nation is going on? Then the suspects are coerced into coming to the nation investigating them, arrest them and their goverment doesn't know about this?  Okay, maybe I'm too skeptical to fall for this.  But, the way the world is today, it seems to me the Bahamian government may have been told to shut the **ck up and play dumb while this is going on if they "know whats good for them" see Iraq!!!  Thats what it seems to me.

Well I say don't delude yourselves and scream independent and you have to bow down and play blind.  If you were truley independent you would be screaming bloody murder to the United Nations and to the World Court, The Hague or somewhere.  Yet instead you hush up and pretend you don't know whats going on.  I guess when the bully barks you better jump!  You should truely overstand your surroundings and how things are working.  I am a U.S. citizen and I can see the United States running with a hanky when mama Britain sneezes!  I can see all the British people coming and appearing on U.S. television shows.  I mean top rated shows. For instance, American Idol and House. Of course American Idol is a revamped version of the British program Pop Idol.  I can see who the U.S. loves and bows down to. So, all my Caribbean family needs to see who they have to run and get a hanky for when the Bush sneezes!!!

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Why did you kill me?

Brandon and Marcelles gunned down 12/06/06

Why can’t you just stop? My people in Southern California, my people world wide we are killing ourselves, we are doing their job for them. There is no longer a need for white men in hoods and torches to come and drag you from your home to lynch you. You are lynching yourselves. This week the lives of three young men were taken from them senselessly. But, not only did you kill them you killed their mothers, you killed their grandparents, you killed their fathers, you killed their siblings, you killed their children you killed their aunts and uncles, and the rest of their family and friends, yet when you committed this murder you killed a part of you.

So, on the day of the funeral, when we have to wipe tears, when we have to comfort the mothers, when we have to bury our dead, that day we will bury a part of ourselves and a part of you we will bury with our dead. It is a wicked cycle that you perpetuate! You are the ignorant and downpressed donkey being ridden by the system of police agencies, spurred on by the prison industrial complex that you choose to ignore. You are being exploited by the particular police agencies in your community.

The police are not interested in eradicating gangs, gang violence or drugs. They feed off of it. They need it for their own down trodden existence. You are their meal ticket, for without you claiming a set, selling drugs or killing yourselves they would soon lose their miniscule livelihood. As you are the downpressed donkey, these police agents are the tax burdened, debt ridden, mules of the system. Without the killing and rampaging your donkey mind leads you to do, these tax mules would soon be out of a job. From your donkey mind comes the babble that you hate the police, "*uck the police" yet you work tirelessly to keep them employed with their foot on your neck.

For my mothers: I know each day you cry for your young men and women. Though you smile, laugh, and force yourself to work everyday I know you cry inside. Every minute I know you send a prayer out to keep us safe even when you know we are not doing the best we can in life. I wish our people could feel your pain, I wish our young men would stop creating a killing field of young black bodies, and begin to learn how to kill the system that’s killing them.

On the day that we bury our dead a piece of me will be buried that day as one of the three young men that died this week was my nephew.

Posted on Friday, December 8, 2006 at 04:35PM by Registered Commenter[Victor Amenta] | CommentsPost a Comment

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Reparations; For all????

I am curious about the reparations movement, actually I am trying to grasp who would receive reparations and why. I was recently told in a discussion with a friend that restitution is being sought in the form of reparations for people of African descent. I know we people of the darker hue in the Western Hemisphere, automatically assume that we are the descendents of African slaves brought to the Americas by the European. I know my family has always felt this and that many friends and family share in that feeling. During our discussion, some of the other brotha’s voiced fact that African Americans are owed reparations because the Jim Crow laws that went into effect from 1865-1968, during which time (and still continues) African Americans were subjected to deep racial oppression, segregation and discrimination.

I mainly listened to what the brethren were saying since I have little knowledge about the reparations movement other than the fact most black people think they should be compensated for the horrors of slavery.  So, I had to think about what I had just digested. I marinated on the subject and I have to ask some questions.

Okay, so its been established that Mitochondrial DNA has traced every human being on the planet back to females in East Africa. Since this is true, how will the reparations groups exclude whites from participating in receiving restitution in whatever form it takes?

I am not clear if the movement evens intends to exclude whites, no one during the discussion was able to clarify this for me.

Next, I wondered how the movement is going to handle people that appear white and in any other situation would be perceived as white and wishes to collect on the restitution. I have seen some of Sally Hemmings and Thomas Jefferson’s descendents and you would pass them and say “oh I saw the white lady over there” never knowing they had a Black ancestor if not more than one.

Also, it is a proven fact that Black people were living here in the Americas long before Columbus. Black people have been living in the Americas for so long that they claimed no allegiance to Africa on a level of recent memory or in terms of culture. So, this being the case how are they going to compensate people that are Black, but do not ascribe to the belief that their ancestors are recent arrivals on European slaving ships? Are these people not to receive restitution? What about my Caribbean and South American family members? Will they not receive restitution? Aren’t reparations only being sought for people now living in the United States?

I need answers to these questions, please. It is not my tribe that’s the world, but the world is my tribe.

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Venus; The return of the Goddess

  Hudson: Takes a break during  rehearsals in Los Angeles.

This is for all the "thicker" women of the world.  Serious big up for Jennifer Hudson!!  Ms Hudson has given us a lesson in persistence, to never give in.  I am glad to see a "real" woman on the cover of magazines, in films and most of all winning the biggest award in the motion picture industry.  For all you people out there that don't think I understand the health hazards of being over weight shut the H*ll up!!  I know and understand, no I OVERstand the ramifications of being over weight and I am not saying Ms Hudson is tipping the scale to her demise.  But, what I am saying that its time for a woman with curves to grace the front of all the media outlets.  Its time for what I call a "real" woman to be out in front of the our little girls eyes.  Our girls have to know that they do not have to look like a little boy to gain whatever fame they may be seeking.  I have wondered just who's idea it was to brainwash the men of this country into thinking a woman that has no hips, no rear, and skinny thighs is a beauty queen.  Thank the Most High that Venus is on stage again!

Posted on Tuesday, February 27, 2007 at 04:50PM by Registered Commenter[Victor Amenta] | Comments1 Comment

Still Missing You Marcelles!!!

It is never the end but it feels so bad.  You were here for just a short time it doesn't seem real.  Play on "Salty" you will never really be gone from us!!!  You will always exist in our hearts and minds for-Iver and Iver.

"Coming Forth By Day..."


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Suspected Killers Nabbed In The Shooting Deaths of Brandon and Marcelles

         Brandon                          Marcelles


11:53 a.m. PST January 23, 2007

SAN DIEGO - San Diego police announced Tuesday morning that a pair of men have been arrested in connection with a double slaying last month in the Bay Terraces neighborhood

On Tuesday, investigators said that detectives had identified two suspects in the case, Anthony Torian, 21, and Deeshawn Broadnax, 20. Authorities said they took Torian into custody on Friday at 3:40 a.m. in the 4300 block of Logan Avenue. They said that Broadnaz turned himself in at police headquarters later that day.

Brandon and Marcelles were shot to death on Dec. 6 in the 7600 block of Deep Dell Court. According to investigators, one of the wanted men shot the two teens and then got into a nearby getaway car -- an older, two-door, dark-colored vehicle, possibly a Cadillac -- with the other man behind the wheel.

The day after the killings, officials released photos taken of the two men by a surveillance camera at what appeared to be a convenience store counter.

Officials said both men face two counts of murder. 

Let us thank the Most High for the Capture of these beings, I can't give them the credit of being a person or human.  Civilized humans do not live like maga, mangy dogs and this may be besmirching the dog world!!!!!

Posted on Friday, January 26, 2007 at 10:38AM by Registered Commenter[Victor Amenta] | Comments1 Comment

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Is this your Moses??

MosesI guess today is the day I lose or confuse a lot of you.  I am hearing a lot a buzz concerning the folk who appeared on Oprah teaching "The Law of Attraction" and "The Secret."  Many Black people are getting into it and of course their are many that are not. I am glad to see this information coming out and as usual it's someone else bringing us (Black folk) our own ancient magick and their understanding of it.  Many of our Black high scientist like George G.M. James taught us of our great and royal past in his great work Stolen Legacy.  Others, like Dr. Leonard Jeffries; Africa The Birthplace of Humanity and Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannan; African Origins of Major World Religions has shown us our great and mystical past, and, of course Dyhani Ywahoo; Voices of Our Ancestors brought us our Black Native American wisdom.  I don't get it when we turn away from these books and then jump on the bandwagon when white people bring us this same info. And, like in most cases its watered down and "de-Blacked" when they bring it to you.  This Law of Attraction (LOA) basically is saying that how you think, act and speak will bring you your destiny.  In the Vodou way of life it is said that "what you are thinking, what you are saying and what you are doing has to be one!"  So, when I say it like this and mention one of our ancient words for Spirit (Vodou) why do you run?  Why are you afraid of yourself? This brought me to the Moses guy you worship.  You see, just like you run to hear your Mother's ancient wisdom when it comes from these European (white) people, you run to worship someone they have taught to worship.  And Yeah, more than likely you learned from some chicken eating preacherman that looks like you, so you say "Whut?"  that can't be racism if a Black preacher taught me.  Well, that Black preacher more than likely studied at some white institution to learn what he is spewing as learned biblical wisdom to you.  The Moses dipicted above is what you're taught by them.  Ok, so I know most of us know that Moses was a Black man, but did you also know Moses is not a name, but a title?  I hope so.  I hope you also know that the above Moses practiced our ancient Black wisdom that the Kemetans (Ancient Egyptians) made popular, and one of those things Moses knew from practicing our wisdom was not to kill.  Moses was a killer and he liked it.  In your "Holy" bible in Exodus Chapt 2 verse 11 you will see where Moses kills a man.  Now, he knows he is not justified in his action because the bible states "he looked this way and that" before he comitted such a wicked act.  Also, in the same book of the bible in chapt 32 verses 9-27 you will see that Moses' god wanted to go and kill the people for making a golden calf, but Moses begs him not to.  Moses then went down the mountain, and ordered the killing of 3000 people saying god said for this to happen, when in fact god decided against killing his people.  Now, you tell me is this not a liar and a killer?  The same people that make this man a hero are the same lineage of people that are now bringing you back your ancient wisdom and you are swallowing their format ONCE AGAIN!!  Haven't you learned?  By accepting the above Moses as a hero that "they" gave us, are we not dying in droves?  Are not our young Black men on a blood lust killing and being killed?  Are we not dying from eating his food and not the food of the Moses that George G.M James taught us?  Our ancient wisdom is all around us for us to regain.  We are going to have to start learning to accept our information from our people and not waiting for the "other" man to give it to us because we can see his track record in our actions. 

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Fake stuff....Just plain Bull!!!

Congress is in the process of voting against the addition of more troops into Iraq. Maybe I’m thick in the head but isn’t it true the whole process just a titular move to give the president a vote of no confidence? But, G Dubya is still sending them off to a mess he helped to create. So big deal, vote of no confidence you think Dubya really cares? He is still sending them. Maybe congress is trying to cover up the fact that most of them voted for Dubya’s fiasco!!

Gotta give Shelley Wynter of WAOK, 1380 am in Atlanta a serious BIG UP!! He and many others went in support of the two young men ages 17 and 19. Justin and Joshua Moulder were sentenced to prison for 10 years for burglary and the killing of a puppy. The two clearly have mental issues after being moved from one foster home to the next. A 22 year old ,Maryland white man, Robert Tomlin was sentenced to jail for 134 days for killing 4 kittens, by throwing them into an open fire. His sentence was suspended! Oh yeah I must somehow think this is not racist because a Black judge sentenced the two black boys to 10 years and a white judge let a white man go. Not racist, yeah right!!

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Focus on colon health

It is most important to clean out your colon.  Most disease will manifest itself in your colon long before you develop a sympton.  Good colon health is essential to your good overall wellness.

Here are a few things you can do for good health and wellness. (1) Eat more green leafy live foods.  Romain or Curley Leaf lettuce-This if fiber for the intestines since your body cannot digest this fiber.  Romain lettuce has been good in reducing high blood pressure.

(2) Lessen the eating of meat to 3 ounces per day.

(3). Use psyllium husk, red clover flower, cascara sagrada, blue cohosh, black walnut to cleanse the intestines of worms and and the elbows of the bowel system. 

As I have said to you before your health is your wealth and you pass to freedom to live your life to the fullest. These things will also help your heart health.  We will discuss heart health in the following weeks!


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Play to win

Hilary Clinton Web site     Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., arrives on Capitol Hill in Washington Tuesday,  Jan., 16, 2007, to vote, after announcing earlier he intends to form a presidential exploratory committee. (AP Photo/Dennis Cook)                                                              

Senator Hillary Clinton(T) Senator Barak Obama (B)                        

Senator Barak Obama has thrown his hat into the ring to run for President of the United States. Oh happy day right? Many are touting the senator from Illinois as a great candidate to run for the vaunted office. Shelley Wynter our conservative brother on his program the Right Side with Shelley Wynter on our local station 1380 WAOK AM also on here in Atlanta, has announced that he, a republican, will even vote for brother Obama, breaking his own belief that Black people should not vote for a candidate because he or she is Black. Reverend Al Sharpton has also jumped into the ring to run for the office as well. Oh happy day right? Black folks running for office of the presidency has shown that we can run for the highest office in the land but that’s it run. I, however, wonder about the true motives for running for an office that these candidates WILL NOT win. It is not just the office of the presidency that's at stake here. The winner of the office of the President of the United States will be in the position of leader of the world, and the most powerful military power on the planet. The winner of the office of president will be in control of the vast majority of the wealth on the planet. Are we really so ignorant, blind, or dumb to believe that the powers that stand to benefit the most from the person that holds the reins of power, of the United States is willing to have a Black man hold those reins? Give me a break!!! Wake up people, wake up!!!

Okay, I got that off my chest so here’s the real skinny. Senator Hillary Clinton informed the world that she was forming an exploratory committee to survey the possibilities of running for president. Decoded, this means she is running for president. But, now check this out. Senator Clinton has also advised the world she would NOT be accepting public funds to run for president, she is the first candidate in history to not accept public financing. Now, the public funds that are afforded each candidate is 80 million dollars. Dan Balz, Political Reporter, Washington Post said on The News Hour with Jim Leher “Essentially anyone who’s serious for the nomination will not be taking public financing. And they’re going to be raising $100 million to $200 million or more by the time they reach convention, if they’re the nominee.”

So, I say to you that this means Senator Clinton is very sure in fact I am sure she knows she has the financial backing to win! I advised you in October, 2006 that the person that will win an election has the financial backing to win that election. Has brother Obama informed us of his refusal of public financing? Has Reverend Sharpton refused public financing?

Black people we must learn to play to win and learn the game to participate fully. Just because a Black face runs for office doesn’t mean he/she will win. Shelley Wynter, Black Sun and all the rest of you that call in, don’t step to my people with your fantasy, and with your hype. You have a voice and you should be directing the people in knowledge and not feeding us with the same warmed over crap!! Until Barak or Reverend Al can show they have the financial backing to make a serious run, ignore the noise and vote to win!!

When we play to win, then oh happy day!!

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Health tip on sodium!

Increasingly we must become very very aware of our wellness. The "learned" sources tell us via every Public Service Announcement, news report and Center for Disease Control report that we suffer the most from nearly every disease on Earth. For instance, its reported that 3.2 million Black people in the United States ages 20 years or older have diabetes (13.3%), one third of whom are undiagnosed. There are aproximately 35 million Blacks in the U.S., and of our population, 20% have hypertension or high blood pressure according to the Centers for Disease Control. Now I believe this stems from the time we accepted the diet of the European who came and usurped our lands the world over. In times of the many wars against the encroaching Europeans, the whites were able to destroy many of our crops and stole much of our stored foods. During peace talks, often the whites would offer swine as food and in times of starvation we would accept and eat the pig, the cow and other animals we did not normally consume. By accepting their diet we in turn suffer to this day.  We suffer from dis-eases that have developed from eating in the manner of the European.  What many of us call "soul food" is in fact not soulful at all.  For instance,  eating pig feet are really pig knuckles from the way Germans eat. Eating "hog maws" is actually a British cuisine called "Faggots" or Savory Ducks and of course Chitterlings colloquially called Chit'lins comes for Wiltshire, England. In the U.S. we all consume the same basic foods groups and fast food poisons, yet we Black people are saddled with the most cases of dis-ease. My conclusion is, this form of die-t was never meant for us to carry on for a life time but only in case of extreme hunger bordering on starvation, upon the return of normalcy we should return to eating the foods deemed good for us by our ancestors. With that said please consider the information below.

Salt Intake

Sodium helps maintain the right balance of fluids in the body and helps

transmit nerve impulses. It influences the contraction and relaxation of muscles.

* Kidneys regulate the amount of sodium in the body. When levels are high, they

excrete the excess in urine. If the kidneys can't eliminate enough sodium, the sodium

starts to accumulate in the blood. This increases blood volume, in turn, making the

heart work harder to move more blood through the blood vessels. Pressure elevates

in the arteries.

The Effects of Too Much Sodium

- Too much sodium can be a contributor to hypertension (high blood pressure), which

i s linked to heart disease, stroke, and increased heart rate

- A high salt intake causes a greater retention of water in the body. Salt worsens asthma,

osteoporosis and kidney disease. It is closely related to cancer of the stomach.

Ways to Cut Sodium Intake

It is important to keep sodium intake at ¼ to ½ teaspoonful a day.

* The majority of sodium in a person's diet - 77 percent - comes from eating prepared

or processed foods such as canned vegetables, soups, luncheon meats, and frozen foods.

* Salt is hidden in everything from cereal to bread. Do not add salt to your cooking and do

not add salt to your food at the table.

* Stock cubes, ketchup, soy sauce, and gravy are typically high in salt. Dips, salad dressings,

and relishes contain salt.

* Use herbs and spices to enhance foods and opt for low-sodium products. Eat more fresh

fruits and vegetables. Fresh meat is lower in sodium than lunch meat, hot dogs, sausage

and ham.

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Who we really are!

Original Black American ceremonial dress....look familiar?

False Evidence Appearing Real...Fear!  When the European came to the Americas they came upon a peaceful Black people ready to assist them on their new quest on our shores.  However, as stories began to circulate back to Europe about "wild savages" living here, the people began to fear what they heard and not what they knew.  Little did they realize the stories were being spun by the large companies wanting to subdue our lands for profit.  Upon their arrival and meeting us they expected to meet a "savage", so when they saw us in our "best dress" ceremonial clothing FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARED REAL(FEAR), came upon them and they often struck out at us with violence.  Does the picture above bring back past memories for you?

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Photos: Subway hero Wesley Autrey

Wesley Autrey

Wesley Autrey saved the life of 20 year old film student Cameron Hollopeter.  While both men waited on the platform at the 137th street station of the No. 1, train Mr. Hollopeter fell onto the subway tracks while having a seizure.  Mr. Autrey jumped onto the tracks squeezing both he and Mr. Hollopeter's bodies into a 21 inch gulley of the track system and held the young Mr. Hollopeter down as the subway train passed over head.  Mr. Autrey says..." I'm not looking at this like I'm the hero...What I did was something that any and every New Yorker should do, you know what I'm saying?  You see sombody in distress, do the right thing.  You know?  Help out." 

We are bombarded with negative images of Black people doing wrong, but not often enough are we shown in the light of our true selves.  Its my belief that Black people were put on the Earth to remind the world of good harmonious living.  NBC last August ran a test showing on video a little girl being abducted pleading for help in a crowded New York plaza.  The child screamed out "this is not my daddy, help me" several times and many people walked by and didn't even look into the direction of the screaming little girl, no one stopped.  But, as two young Black men passed by, one wearing dreadlocks, stopped and began to encircle the man holding the little girl, by this time a young Puerto Rican man stopped his car and joined the circle, an elderly Black woman can be seen in the background on the video dialing 911 with her cellphone. At this point on the video we see the experiment come to an end as the men converged on the false abductor, the announcment was made that this was an experiment. Now, had this been real the only saviors in this little girl's life would have been the Black and Brown people in the plaza at the time.  Not one white man, white woman, or white child stopped to even look in her direction and the little girl is white like them. However, we as hue-man beings have contributed to the negative stereotypes that are displayed around the world and we have not done enough to portray ourselves in the glory that God has bestowed on us. 

Our destiny is in our hands, we can plot out our own course, we can show the world who we really are.  Hero is an over worked devalued word.  Let us show the God in us and return to being the Saviors of humanity.

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Our health is our wealth.

Today begins a process of cleansing and renewing. Our health is our wealth. An old cliché, yet its full of truth. We must begin to move in a direction of cellular strength to combat the new diseases that are often manufactured and distributed to us in the form of food. I have been advised to read labels of food containers and the basic rule is to avoid eating anything that I cannot pronounce. This may sound a bit simplistic yet it’s in fact true.  Once you begin to read product labels you will find the so called food is filled with chemicals that are not good for human consumption, but good for the shelf life of the “product”. You see it is no longer food that we are consuming, but a product or in other words something that has been “produced” for monetary gains, and not for the health of the people. So, I am in the process of learning to eat without consuming the flesh of dead animals. I am learning to eat without consuming HYDROGENATED OILS. Yes, HYDROGENATED OILS. These are oils that have been added to almost everything that is produced to extend the life of the "product" while sitting on the warehouse floor and later the supermarket shelf.  So this means no more candy bars, no more potato chips, no more margarine, no more cookies. HYDROGENATED OILS have been linked to the increase of cholesterol leading to heart disease and cancer. EXERCISE!!! Exercising increases the intake of oxygen and oxygen in the body is like fire.  If you doubt, sit down and take 10-20 deep breaths and notice you will begin to perspire.  Oxygen is the fire we need for good health, you see, an oxygenated body, is a body that cancer cannot live in. Take the time to learn to dance, to practice Tai Chi, Chi Quong or Yoga. Realize and overstand these are our art forms awaiting our return.

Posted on Wednesday, January 3, 2007 at 04:34PM by Registered Commenter[Victor Amenta] | CommentsPost a Comment Why can't women raise boys to become men?

I am always stricken by the statement that women cannot raise their sons to become men in this society. I am not a psychologist nor a sociologist, so what you will be reading is merely my opinion on the subject. I do not understand the new belief that Black women don’t have the capacity to raise men. My father is from the old school, he worked and he did not want my mother to be out working, so she didn’t. She stayed home and did all the duties of a house wife of the 1960’s and 1970’s, washing our clothes, cooking dinner, and assisting me and my siblings with our homework. My father on the other hand was in the Navy for 20 years, retired from active duty and began work with the federal government and when needed worked two jobs. But, as you marvel at this and say “he is a man’s man” you should know my father was raised by his grandmother! My father did all the things a man is supposed to do. He went to work every day so much so that when he retired from his last job more than 10 years ago he was paid all his sick time in on big lump sum. When my father was out to sea for more than nine months at a time it was my mother that taught me life’s lessons, how to use the bathroom as a male, how to read and speak properly. More importantly, it was my mother and one of her female friends that taught me and my siblings the correct manner to ask a female out for a date, or for a dance, while father was out to sea or at one of his two jobs. Today, I work everyday I work as an on air person doing an internet radio show and take care of myself and my children as a man should, primarily based on the lessons of my mother. I have seen countless Black women raise very good, strong, positive, productive Black men and Black women will continue to raise us up to higher standards.

We Black people do ourselves a dis-service when loudly proclaim women cannot raise our young Black boys to be productive citizens in this society. We do our women a great dis-service to say they do not have the capability to raise our young Black men to be strong positive human beings. We need to re-establish our Black women as the Queen of Heaven and remember there was a time in our remote past that WOMAN was the ONLY PARENT.

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The Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday October 17th stated they are getting closer to approving milk and meat from CLONED animals for human consumption. If the approval comes down and it will, you will see this on the grocer's shelf by the new year, and be aware there may be no labels to show you that its cloned food.  Now people, check out who is approving this, the FDA!!  So we are to believe that since they (the FDA) may approve the use of cloned animals as food for humans the meat is good for us, or beneficial for us, I think not.  The FDA will say it is SAFE for us to eat.  See what I said....They will SAY its safe for us, nothing to do with being good for your body, nothing to do with being beneficial for your body but "safe" for you to eat.  I wonder sometimes who the FDA is really concerned with, our health or the health of agribusiness

Is the us military killing insurgents?

Each day I turn on the news concerning the attack and destruction of Iraq I am bombarded (no pun intended) by news of an impending civil war on the beleaguered Iraqi landscape.  It appears this impending civil war is in full effect but no one on these U.S. shores wants to refer to the Sunni vs Shi'a bloodshed as a civil war.  If it walks like civil war, quacks like civil war and smells like civil war...ITS CIVIL WAR!!!   Yet knowing how the secret forces of the U.S. have spurred on this kind of sectarian violence in the past, I have wondered how much of the violence in this scenario is CIA/Blackwater inspired?  But the main picture thats so invisible right in front of my eyes is the fact that U.S. soldiers don't seem to be killing insurgents anymore. I don't see news reports of the Marines or the Army having firefights with "the enemy".  I have not read of U.S. aircraft "smart" bombing anything.  I guess the only killing in Iraq is Iraqi against Iraqi? So, maybe the evening corporate news releases that are telling us about the civil war like actions by the Iraqis, are whats really going on and the U.S. military is not in the killing business over there. I guess I am to believe this since its ABC, NBC, CBS or CNN telling us this, right?  Or are we now really seeing a kinder gentler army??? 

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What you don't know about the slave trade; The truth about slavery (Part 1)

The transatlantic slave trade was a devastating and wicked system that destroyed many lives and uprooted families from one part of the world to the other.  Yet let us take a look at some facts that are often left out.

(1) When Christopher Columbus left Spain in 1492 he was navigating a line of travel that was in fact a well known route.  The Moors, a term given to all Black persons that came from Africa and Asia into Spain beginning in 711 A.D. brought with them the knowledge of navigation, language arts, mathematics, algebra, music and geography using a globe.  Columbus was well aware of the voyage of Abu Bakari in 1310 A.D. and again by his brother in 1311 A.D. to the Americas and he set out following this very common line of navigation across the Atlantic.  He was not lost, and he knew very well that he was not going to the Indies.  In fact there was no place on earth at the time of Columbus named India.  The subcontinent today called India was known as Hindustan!

(2)  Upon the arrival of the Spaniards to The Lucayos, now called The Bahamas, Columbus was greeted by the people of the islands, and he writes of them in his log "Saturday October 13. At daybreak great multitudes of men came to the shore, all young and of fine shapes, very handsome; their hair not curled but straight and course like horse-hair, and all with foreheads and heads much broader than any people I had hitherto seen; there eyes were large and very beautiful; they were not black, but the color of the inhabitants of the Canaries, which is a very natural circumstance, they being in the same latitude with the Ferro in the Canaries..." 

The Canary Islands sit off the west coast of Africa, and we must pay attention to the fact that he did not write the people were of the color of Mongolia, France, England, Italy or even Spain but, the color of the people off the coast of Africa.  He does go on to say "the...people are not black..."  this doesn't mean the people were not of Negroid stock but to say they are not as dark as some of the people  of Central Africa or India.  But, if the person were to walk down the streets of New York, Chicago, Los Angeles or Atlanta today he would now be classified as a Black man in America.

(3)  Upon his second voyage to the Americas, Columbus needed to validate his voyages with financial backing.  He then writes that the people are savages and must be conquered and converted to Christianity for Spain and the Queen.  He set about ravaging the island of Haiti for gold, implementing the encomiendo system where by the people were taxed on their own land, the payment of the taxes were to be paid in gold.  If payment was, not made the man, woman or child would have a finger or in many casses a hand chopped off and sent back their town to show what happens when one did not pay.  Many people began to run to the mountains and a guerilla war in sued.  On his return journey to Spain, Columbus took with him over 1500 Lucayos and Arawaks, men, women and children to be enslaved in Spain.

(4)  Thus begins the transatlantic slave trade going from the Americas to Europe on to Africa. 

(5)  Now Look at the African Slave trade "story".  We are told often Africans were marched from central Africa to the west coast of Africa as much as 500 miles.  We are told the African was branded with a hot branding iron leaving an open wound, put into a dungeon like fortress then packed into the hulls of slaving ships to make a 2-3 month voyage to the Americas in which more than half died in the middle passage and countless more died upon arrival to the Americas...  Now ask yourself one question...Why would anyone buy (invest) in a human being for HARD LABOR in this condition.....???



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African American?

Who is an African American?  I know it is not this man.  I was recently reading an article where a "white" South African was ranting about how only persons born on the continent and later took the oath to the United States flag and government becoming full fledged "United States" citizens were really African Americans.  I pondered this and agreed that he had a qualified argument.  But, the question loomed.  Was he correct?  We Hue-mans living in these Americas, you know, Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad, Bahamas, Burmuda, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Haiti, Panama, Brazil, and Turtle Island (United States), the Greater and Lesser Antilles....are all Americans!!  We are going to have to accept the fact, that our experience on these lands do not begin with slavery of any kind.  Those of us, Hue-mans, have been living here for more than 10,000 years!!  We were here waiting for the Ancient Kemetans (Egyptians) to arrive.  We were here standing on the shore awaiting the arrival of Abu Bakari in 1310.  We were here to greet and teach the African when they were forced into a European economic slave system that started by sending us to Europe before the first African was bought from his African brother. 

The South African may be correct in his statement, however he was incorrect in his intent to belittle the Hue-man that is without knowl-edge of ourstory.  No I am not an African American and there is a 97 percent chance that if you are a Hue-man from the Americas you are not an African American either.

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Just take a minute and think!

Recently during a roundtable discussion, you know the spontaneous sermons and debates that occur after dinner among Black family and friends, the religious, political verbal bomb making materials that can explode into outright verbal combat if not carefully handled.  These are the discussions that America doesn't know we have, thanks to BET (which ain't so Black no mo'), videos by Black entertainers on MTV and the silly afternoon talk dribble that infects our mindset daily via the dumb numb tube.

During the discussion a young man recently transplanted to New York from Trinidad made the observation that "some ah de Spanish women dem wuk harda dan de Americans."  I was proud of the young man, 18 years under his belt and he did have an opinion, as many of our children don't have one or they rarely discuss their opinions in conversations with grown ups (shame on the "lighter" BET for doing away with Teen Summit).  But, what was astonishing to me was the fact that so many "grown ups" sitting around the table agreed with the youngster without the batting of an eye.  I heard groans of "they takin our jobs" or "Black people nah waan work" as people spoke with the lilt of the Caribbean or Black America.

Wait!!  Hold up!!  I interjected.  You mean to tell me that we Black people really believe jobs like cleaning bathrooms, cutting and trimming lawns, putting down fertilizer, picking vegetables and fruit of all kinds, sewing collars, sleeves, and zippers onto clothing and all the menial jobs we see Hispanics doing are "our" jobs???  Now don't get me wrong, if one has to put food on the table one must do what one must do to get through a rough time, but to believe these are "our" jobs brought me to the realization that Black people may be suffering from "low self esteem" and yet I thought we were beyond this type of thinking.

After all, Black Americans fought and died to better our living condition during slavery, before and during The Civil War, continuing on through to the Civil Rights Movement.  This fight opened the door for the Hispanic to learn the value of organizing to fight their fight.  It allowed my Caribbean people to come here and be successful at their endeavors.  But, most of all, the Civil Rights Movement was a platform for us to stand on, to see the light of acceptance into colleges and universities.  To see the light of careers that would allow us to express our skills from sports to academia.

It isn't the Hispanic coming here to work as a bus boy that's taking my job, but the Brit coming here from England working as a telelvision host that's taking my job, its the Australian working as a news anchor that's taking my job, its the German coming and buying acres of property in Midtown Atlanta that's taking my job.  My people have paid the dues for me to want more than to clean the bathrooms of corporate offices.  No longer shall we Black people aspire to be the best doorman, but to be the best architect, best lawyer, the best physicist, the best entrepreneur.  These are "our" jobs.  These should be "our" aspirations.

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