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By now we are all invested in the internet on some level.  We enjoy our streaming video services binging out watching Ozark, La Reina Del Sur, or Stranger Things on Netflix.  Maybe you spend your time locked on The Big Sick or The Man In The High Castle on Amazon Prime escaping the humdrum of the norm.  Many of us even endeavor to open our own online business and make some extra cash, hoping to hit it big so you can run from the plantation and become that free slave that you've always dreamt you would be.  Yes, the world wide web has opened bastions of opportunity or ways to just veg out and forget about  your worries and indulge your senses if only for a little while. 
But, have you heard of Net Neutrality?  If you are reading this post you probably have.  Well it looks like Net Neutrality may be coming to an end.  You see, your former president, Barack put in place blocks to allow  to Net Neutrality  be preserved.  What happens without Net Neutrality?  Without Net Neutrality internet service providers will be able to charge internet companies for faster “lanes” of service.  Smaller companies, that cannot afford to pay the higher rates will be relegated to the slow lanes.  You probably won’t have to worry about the big boys like Amazon or Netflix since they have the funds to pay for the "fast lanes" for the entertainment you enjoy. But,   your online business will probably be tossed to the curb.  Tim Oliver best explains what the loss of Net Neutrality means best.


My web sister Madison Maragh, on her program Jamaica Live, delved deeply into the Jamaican government's pushing of an amendment to institute NIDS.  NIDS is a national identification system to be implemented on the island of Jamaica sometime after 2019.  Acting Chief Technical Director in the Office of the Prime Minister  Jacqueline Lynch-Stewart,  will mandate all civil service employees to pilot the program beginning January 2019. 
NIDS is not simply an ID system to secure the people of the island nation.  This ID system was created by Dermalog, a German Biometrics company, that has contracted with the Phillipines' government to issue biometric driver licenses, Singapore's government for Immigration and & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) using their BioScreen technology to capture thumbprints of persons entering and departing their country.  Singapore has made it compulsary for foreign travellers to scan their thumbprints.  Cambodia has required it's citizens to accept a Dermalog national ID card and ePassport that requires all ten finger prints to be scanned.
The Maldives is the first to have the full Dermalog national ID system in full swing and now Jamaica has begun the process to link it's people, like the Borg in Star Trek Next Generation,  to a central computer system.  The Jamaican government will require not only prints of all ten fingers (eight fingers and both thumbs) but, foot/toe prints, vein pattern of the hand, and blood type to be recorded.  That, of course, is not all but, these are the most invasive aspects of this system. 
Jamaica Live host Madison Maragh raised a most serious point concerning the housing of this most important and deeply personal information.  She questioned where the information would be stored and Jamaica's ability to protect it in today's world of information security breaches. Blood type and vein patterns collected is disconcerting as we must be aware that the body parts of Black people are highly prized around the world.  I wonder could this also be a reason for having and storing such information since Jamaica has a population of over 90 percent Black people. 
Another point Madison brought up was why the rush to get people registered.  Why the rush?  I decided to follow the money.  There is always a money trail.  Always.  The initial design is funded by a Technical Co-operation grant from the Inter American Development Bank through the Koren Povery Fund totaling  $790,000  which is headquartered in Washington D.C.  (Korean Poverty Fund???) This grant will fund several consultancies but, the one that stands out the most to me is to the Develop the Communications and Behavior Change Strategy consultants.   This is, in my opinion, is the psy war ops team to cause the majority of the people to accept this invasive and unnecessary numbering of the people. 
The cost of this project is estimated at approximately $9 billion USD.   In 2011 Jamaica's total external debt was over $14 billion USD with a Gross Domestic Product of only $9,200 per person as of 2012.  Bloomberg reported in October 2016 that Jamaica received  $1.7 billion USD to add to the outstanding $14 billion USD.  I am sure there is a lot more to this story and the phoney claim by Prime Minister Holness that this will fight corruption is truly not one of them.  One pattern to observe surely is that this NIDS program is being implemented in countries with dark skinned people and not Germany the home of Dermalog.


During the Obama years I decided to take time away from this blog.  I had various feelings about the first African American to hold the office of president under this current constitution.  I stated on my deceased internet radio program that it would be "whoa" to Black people should Mr. Obama be elected to the office of the president of the U.S. of A.  We saw the deaths of Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Sandra Bland, and Philando Castile under the watch of Mr. Obama's administration.  

We saw the proliferation of U.S. military bases on the African continent under AFRICOM.  As I said in 2007 "whoa" to Black people.  I didn't want to write about these things, I didn't want to fuel the fire of hatred.  The underlying burn that was taking place amongst the Pale Ones.  They were already posting pics and making T-shirts with monkey and chimpazee caricatures of  Michele and Barack Obama.  I knew it was boiling and what I had to say would have emboldened them.  

Now that we have the Orange Head King pen in office the fuming we saw under president Obama has become a raging fire.  This sense of white nationalism also appears to be waking up the homegrown terrorists that have always been here.  The patriot groups and militiamen types, the wanna be followers are emerging with a vengeance.   This is evidenced by the mass killings by the Pale Ones in Nevada and Texas.  

Maybe we really need to analyze where we are in this time.  Could it be that we have the Orange Head King pen because the U.S. population has itself degenerated to an ultra low?   I have heard many people of every hue say they like the Orange Head King pen because he tells the truth.  Isn't truth without tact like knowledge without wisdom?  Then is the Orange Head King pen only an outgrowth of what this society has become?  


My Ride Through The Deep South. First Stop, New Orleans

History has always been an interest, no, I should say a love for me.  My parents were both born in Mississippi, my father in the Delta and my mother in the Hills.  By age eight her parents (my maternal grandparents) moved to Memphis.  Memphis' culture more permiated my mother's psyche than Mississippi however, Memphis is, in part, a child of Mississippi.  Over the last two years I envisioned a trip through the U.S. South.  

I also wanted a taste of the South as well.  I wanted to taste the variance in culinary flavor from region to region, from New Orleans to Charleston, SC and the places in between.  This would be a driving trip, no flying so I could imbibe the flavors of the South not only in food and drink but also enjoy climatic the changes in the air as well.
First stop to eat was New Orleans.  I'd seen this restaurant presented in many forums.  I first saw it on a PBS documentary that discussed New Orleans' conditions after Katrina.  This part of the documentary spoke about the origins and history of the restaurant and how so many of the famous musical stars such as Duke Ellington had dined there.  I saw it again on a show showing the best 10 places for fried chicken in New Orleans.  Being the history buff that I feel I am, I had to eat at the world famous Dooky Chase restaurant.  I ordered the buffet and  Stuffed Shrimp from the menu.

Dooky Chase was, at one time, voted the best fried chicken in New Orleans.  This was the driving desire to order from the buffet in addition to ordering from the menu.  There were also mustard greens with sting beans on the buffet along with mac and cheese, veggie soup or a salad and peach cobler.  The ambiance was nice, I had a sensation of history, of sitting somewhere that other Black leaders had dined, including president Obama that ran through me.

 So in my mind, the food had to be the bomb, period.  This food comes from the hearts and minds of native New Orleanians.  There were an equal amount of Black people and white people eating there along with a Mexican family of 5 having dinner.It had to be the bomb was my mental mantra that afternoon.  

Nope.  The buffet was just a'ight.  The chicken was without flavor, had a crispy texture but, not much flavor.  But, the greens were bomb.  The veggie soup tasted like it came from a can, nothing special.  Next, came my first dish off the menu.  A cup of Creole Gumbo.  Sorry, tasted like it was poured out of a can and there was no okra.  It can't be gumbo without okra point blank.  Yeah, it was looking weak here as far as culinary flavors I had envisioned.  

Then came the Stuffed Shirmp.  This came with a side of potato salad, homeade tartar sauce and the shrimp were stuffed with a crab meat dressing.  DA BOMB!!!!!!!  The flavor was so beautiful in my mouth.  I added some Texas Pete  hot sauce.  Nope, not good.  I added some Tabasco. Nope, worse.  The Stuffed Shrimp alone with the homeade tartar sauce was DA BOMB!!!  They killed it with the Stuffed Shrimp.  Skip the buffet and order from the menu.  Next stop Greenville, MS.




Seated left to right; Gil Noble, Dr. Ivan van Sertima, Dr. Ben-Jochannan, Dr. John Henrik Clarke (not pictured)


March 19th we lost another great scholar.  Dr. Yosef Alfredo Antonio Ben-Jochannan passed on to the realm of the ancestors.  During 1980's explosion onto the scene by Black authors I consumed almost everything that came out and, Dr. Ben's work was in my library.  His work, African Origen of Major World Religions greatly influenced my thinking when it came understanding why Black people were so much in love with Christianity and Islam.  Many of us that continued to study and put into action the teachings of the great scholars such as Dr. Ben owe a debt of gratitude for brining forth information that has inspired others to study and become.  Rise In Peace Dr. Ben!