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(Jahi McMath right)


Since the Jahi McMath tragedy has been in the air I have pondered the idea that the decisions made by the adults in her life don't seem to make since given the reasoning for this little girl to be placed under a surgeons knife.  I have wondered how much the food Jahi McMath and her family consumed played a part not only with her health condition but with how the adults in her life cognized information.  Let me be clear, that I do no know what or how this family eats on a daily basis, but I am willing to bet they were like most people in the United States and consumed the Standard American Diet known to many of us as the SAD.  Why else would this family be so easily led into surgery for this little girl?


Jahi McMath appears, for all intents and purposes, to be brain dead.  Her mother admitted her to Childrens Hospital and Research [emphasis mine] Center Oakland in Northern California for what is supposed to be a routine surgery for the removal of her tonsils.  Normally, the surgery woud be the cutting away or burning away of the oval shaped masses of lymphoid tissue found in our throats. Jahi McMath should have been out of the hospital enjoying her holiday meal and gifts like every other 13 year old this Christmas, but she is not.  Jahi lays in a hospital bed living only with the help of a ventlator and life support.


After the surgery Nailah Winkfield, Jahi's mother, reported Jahi asked for a popsicle, but about 45 minutes later she was bleeding from her mouth.  The nurses said this was normal and gave a cup to Jahi for the blood, but soon after she began to bleed from her mouth and nose profusely.  The emergency alarm was sounded for room 10, Jahi's room, and she was whisked away to ICU, suffered cardiac arrest and by two a.m., placed on life supprt and later pronounced braid dead by physicians on duty.  What was supposed to be routine surgery has now become a nightmare for this little girl and her family.


Why was young Jahi in the hospital in the first place?  To have her tonsils removed.  Doctors diagnosed young Miss McMath as suffering from sleep apnea after her mother brought her in because of her snorring.  Nailah, Jahi's mom said "Jahi always snorred, but it had become worse and began affecting her school work due to poor attention span."  Melinda Krigel, spokeswoman for Childrens Hospital and Research [emphasis mind] Center Oakland said "Jahi suffered from pediatric obstructive sleep apnea, which caused severe snorring, stop and go breathing in her sleep, a lack of attention span and urinating on herself."   Jahi's uncle Omari Sealey also confirmed the diagnosis on CNN's  Piers Morgan show, stating Jahi was recommended for surgery to remove her tonsils to relieve her of sleep apnea, to better her attention span, improve her sleeping and control her "uncontrolled" urination.  Jahi's mother believed this was true, Jahi's grand mother, who by the way is a nurse, believed this and so Jahi was taken in for surgery on December 9th.


This is where the desire to fight white supremacy (which is really not a thing) as our primary enemy is at worst a grand distraction and at best a reminder that we are in constant battle.  Yet, the battle is for our minds first and foremst and our bodies after that.  But, the question remains as to why her mother, stepfather and adults in her life were so easily led to surgery? Shouldn't the question of diet have been raised by someone especially by the adults in Jahi's life when the word surgery was uttered?  It surely should have stopped them and caused them to consider diet and exercise before surgery.  Could the idea that likey Jahi's mother's thought process could not be as clears as it could be due to the diet she likely consumes?  Modified foods could lead to modified thoughts.  


Jahi should have been given the opportunity to reverse her illnesses naturely.  Her mother shoujld have considered this before surgery.  Bad diet, lack of real food, little to no exercise are the likely culprits that brought Jahi to the condition that she was in.  Her mother was likely unable to see the connection between what Jahi ate and her medical condition.  Surely, Nailah Winkfield herself could not think clearly as she is probably a consumer of the SAD.  Her mind likely clouded by a constant three meal a day regimine of eating tainted foods and not enough cleansing foods.  Eating without thought about what one is eating and  never relating any condition she my suffer derives from the SAD.  As I searched he web for information on this post I could see how little the web is searched for genetically modifed foods.  We here in the blogsphere write of this menace, but we are unsuccessful in brining the information to the every day Joe and Joetta.  Jahi McMath is likely laying brain dead in a "research" hospital brain dead equally from what she ate to the probable mistakes the surgeons may have made while she was sedated.






(Courtesy of Beyonce Youtube)

Here we go again.  The system of Black supremacy has reared it's beautiful head and pushed the envolpe in the world of music on the World Wide Web to a new level.  Beyonce's new album/video release crashed the iTunes by selling more than 80, 000 downloads in three hours.  Beyonce hit number one in 100 countries pushing past One Direction  when they released Midnight Memories becoming number one in 97 countries.  But, more than surpassing One Direction's number one spot, she blew the hinges off by giving you more bounce for your buck when you download the album.

Beyonce showed the world how imaginative she is by not only giving you 14 songs for your purchase, but you also receive 17 videos!!!  Dayum, no one has done that to my knowledge.  I could hear echos of Tamar Braxton saying "where they do that at?"  Twitter was over loaded especially by other singers tweeting about Beyonce's album.  No doubt the stage has been set by the Queen Bey for others to follow.  I am sure since we live in a color minded society we will see the singers like Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and  Mylie Cyrus doing the same and easily bypassing Beyonce's record sales.  But, no matter, the fact remains that the system of Black Supremacy set the tone.


This should tell those of us out here in the WWW world to take note that this is the place to be to create streams of income.  We can whine and cry about racism and so called white supremacy, but bottom line is we need to study and deal in economics and the World Wide Web is the key to increacing your personal economics.  Time is moving and you are standing still ignoring the fact that the WWW culture does not have any skin color attached to it, in fact you can be who ever you chose to be.  Dr. Ev Richardson of CRSRadio online is a firm believer as myself that the WWW culture (her term) is the best way we of heavier melinin can overcome whatever financial situation you now stand if you have not reached your goal.  Queston; have you set a goal?



Former leader of the African National Congress and first African president of South Africa has gone home.









Once again it is BlackLit101’s post’s that is the catalyst for the formation of these posts concerning education and it’s effect on young learners.  We were, at sometime in our lives those young learners, being molded by public education.  Public education in the U.S. was never instituted to uplift and develop the minds of it’s students in such a way as to make them free to actually learn.  Benjamin Rush, signer of the Declaration of Independence said “Let our pupil be taught that he does not belong to himself, but that he is public property.[slave?]  Let him be taught to love his family, but let him be taught at the same time that he must forsake and even forget them when the welfare of his country requires it.”  At this time most of the signer’s of the Declaration of Independence were landowners and slave holders.

Certainly, on July 4th, 1776, upon the signing of the Declaration of Independence, a large portion of the Black population in the Americas were being held by these landowners such as Benjamin Rush as slaves and would probably not have been in the pursuit of educating their slaves. Ten years later in 1786, Rush introduced a plan for public education to meet the needs of a republic as they envisioned a republican government should be.  Massachusetts became the first state to institute compulsory education circa 1850, in which the literacy rate was at 98%, and probably this percentage included very few Black people if any at all.  Since much of the Black population was enslaved, then it stands to reason that Rush and other public school proponents were in the business of mentally enslaving their own kind first and foremost “Let our pupil be taught that he does not belong to himself, but that he is public property…”  But, once the Black slaves were emancipated they too had to become part of this same educational scheme that had already been enforced upon whites and free Blacks.

"I wish to see a supreme regard to their country inculcated upon them”  Rush writes clearly stating public education was a tool to control and not to free the minds of the youth and still nothing has changed but the emerging concepts to be implemented every few decades as school curricula.  Keeping this in mind it should become clear that we should evaluate our own thought processes when it comes to believing the concept of white supremacy as the primary problem of Black people in North America.  Should we not consider that the majority of owners, board members, and major share holders of corporations, specifically pharmaceutical companies are white men and would be major players in stirring the white supremacist’s pot?  So,then, we need to question why we allow ourselves to physically deteriorate to a point of having to take their pharmaceutical concoctions on a daily or  an hourly basis.  Why then [again] poison their own kind if white supremacy were their mission?  

The food supply being tainted, purposely tainted, is affecting the total population and simply more Black people are affected by the manipulation of food supplied to grocery stores in the States.  S.A.D., the Standard American Diet is not based on a diet that would be best suited for the Black woman and man living in North America.  Our physical make up demands another form of dietary regimen for our optimum health. And, most dis-ease is developed by consuming the GMO, RBGH, heavily vacinated products sold as food.  Public education has played a huge part in how we think about what we think concerning consuming proper food for our bodies.  Dr. Sebi plainly states that “…when they brought the African to the Americas, did they bring his diet?”  Clearly no, and those of the knowledge that we are the aboriginal people of the Americas can ask ourselves if we are eating the dietary regimen of our aboriginal American  ancestors.  This is where we can begin to overturn the teachings of the elite and revolt by taking our own health into our own hands and begin to eat in the way of our ancestors. 


Elitism only uses the idea of white supremacy as a vehicle on those that will not allow themselves to see that even if racism was over today we would still remain with poor health based on consuming the SAD, poor money handling skills, and a poor sense of who we are.  It is nonsensical to proclaim the white man is destroying us via white supremacy when on the other hand we continue to subject ourselves to his medications that in fact work hand in hand with the public school systems.  This is evidenced by the prescribing of Ritalin and the like base on reports from teachers in the public school system.  Understand that the Health Care initiative by president Barack Obama does not boost your personal health it only and truly serves to benefit another of the elite’s corporate machine.