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It’s so unfortunate that we are living in a world that dictates that the rich will exploit the poor or let me be clearer.  The richer classes will exploit the economic classes lower on the economic rung.  Eddie Murphy released a single featuring Snoop Dogg now calling himself Snoop Lion.  Red light as Mr. Murphy named the tune, is a song that only hints as some sort of social consciousness.  The less than meaningful lyrics sung by the song writer himself, Eddie Murphy are a slap (slap one) in the face of people not fortunate enough to live a Beverly Hills lifestyle.  Murphy sings “Broken economy, the streets are dire, even more than before.  I need some betterness to take me higher feels like I’m gonna blow…”  For a man that doesn’t live a life under the same economic conditions as most of the people in the world that will buy his tune, should steer clear of speaking in the first person.  He hasn’t had to concern himself with how much he can afford to spend on food versus medicine or medicine versus heating his house on a cold winter’s night. 


Nor will the soldiers come to his door and knock knock knock on Beverly Hills mansion door.    “It won’t be long til the military come knock knock knock on your door.”  What military would he be speaking of anyway? Murphy says “That's about how crazy sh*t is, how long before the f**king cops show up, motherf**kers show up beating on your door. No place to run, here your karma come.” I suppose we should ascertain that the reason the mf’s (military?) are coming to our door is because we have done something wrong because he says in the lyrics ‘no place to run, here your Karma come.’ These meely mouthed lyrics are passé at best and downright insulting our intelligence at worst. 


When asked how Snoop Dogg got involved Murphy said “Yo, if he’s Snoop Lion now, he can jump on this track because I wanted to have a rapper on it.” “It was perfect, he’s Snoop Lion, I got this reggae track.  It was like it was meant to be” (slap two.)  At one point during the interview Brian Hiatt who interviewed Murphy for Rolling Stone said “It feels like a pretty legitimate song to me, if people refuse to recognize that…”  Murphy responds “Yeah, you’re just hatin’.”  “Just be hatin’.”    Look who’s judging the legitimacy of a “reggae” song.  Look who’s cosigning this mess of a tune.   If Mr. Murphy was really interested in turning out a relevant and a more authentic sound, Snoop Lion would not have been his first choice.  It would feel much more legitimate if he would have brought in a DJ/SingJay like I Wayne, or Chuck Fenda, But, really, the best choice would have been Shabba Ranks for this track.  Shabba did for Dancehall what Bob Marley did for the foundation sound Reggae.   Shabba could have really taken this song higher.  Shabba Ranks put Dancehall on the world map.  Even the mention of the Dancehall genre to most non Jamaicans renders the name Shabba Ranks. 

Shabba Ranks

So, I question the legitimacy Brian Hiatt’s opinion of the song. Without a Jamaican on the track to give that authentic sound to it, then it ain’t legitimate. Don’t misunderstand, I’m not saying a Jamaican must be on the song but, at least some one that has surrounded themselves with the people of the island and has lived the culture as much as anyone can that is not of the culture much as the former background singer for Black Uhuru, the late Sandra “Puma” Jones of Columbia, South Carolina.  Or, someone that has lived on the island to really live the true lifestyle of everyday Jamaicans, much as Mortimer “Natural Black” Softley of Georgetown, Guyana has done.  Otherwise what Murphy is doing legitimizes Shabba’s stance for not attending the BET awards performance (though Shabba has ample evidence without Murphy’s exploits) by Reggae and Dancehall artists’.  Much worse, Murphy being a very wealthy Black man in America could give rise to another outlet for Jamaicans to work and perform with someone that looks like them rather than having to run to Japan for promotion.



The pale faced thinkers of Black Entertainment Television, which by the way ain’t Black no more, decided to group all the Reggae and Dancehall artists on the stage at the same time and invited the GRAMMY award winning Rexton Rawlston Fernando Gordon, known to the world as Shabba Ranks to perform alongside the other Jamaican artists.  You see how the pale faced thinkers move?  They put all the Jamaican artists on the stage together at one time as if Reggae/Dancehall is not the powerful musical force that it has become and is a major player in Black music world wide.  In fact, when we look around the world, whether it be Asia, Africa or Europe most people want to immolate Black American or Jamaican artists in music, dress and language. 


 Eddie Murphy has an opportunity to create a movement the music industry has attempted to stamp out.  Murphy could be a catalyst for artists that have been quashed like Diana King who sings in a style that flows from Jamaican Patwa to Merican (my word for Black American speech) and back to Patwa.  And, Jason Harrow known the the world as  Kardinal Offishall that raps from Patwa and Merican over Hip Hop beats and Dancehall riddims.  Not to mention the countless collaborations that have been produced by Black American and Jamaican artists that never get aired on either “urban” or Jamaican radio stations.  Instead, Murphy proves that no matter your skin color if the mind thinks like the pale face we will continue to hold ourselves back.  No need for the pale ones to do that anymore.




Kevin Spacey recently spoke at a television convention in Edinburgh Scotland, telling the audience that “if they want to binge….then let them binge” meaning the general public.  Binge is the new trend in television and I dare say also in media in general.  Once a subject is thrown out to the masses there is a continued  hashing and rehashing of that subject.  The television audience, which are most of us, are subjecting ourselves to sensory overload.  Binging on television is how the media intends to move forward in it’s attempt to give you what you want.  The problem as I see it is that we, the public, are not actually making a conscious decision to binge out on TV. 


Almost every major corporation has an insight department who’s main purpose is to own, influence and drive consumer behavior.   More and more corporations are employing behavioral scientists to manipulate the human brain to fool it into spending their Federal Reserve Notes on items or food they ordinarily may not have purchased.  The question then arises.  If, corporations are manipulating consumer behavior, why not your government?  Here in lies the tale. Most often technology (including visual and auditory techniques) have been utilized by the government for many years before that technology reaches the everyday consumer.  We may not want to willingly binge on television, but we may be driven to binge on it by hired psychological hit men.  Television is just one platform where the assault takes place.  There are billions of mobile devices worldwide that are capable of keeping one engaged and tuned in while keeping the world around you tuned out. 


As you watch Mister sell you on going to war with Syria tonight, keep in mind certain word play and visual techniques will be deployed in an attempt to persuade you into seeing the benefit of warring with that small nation.  We are being assaulted continually by corporations including the United States Corporation into “buying” some product or an idea.  It would be truly beneficial to spend time with yourself and minding your mind.  We are fast approaching the Christmas season, that now begins in September, and will be bombarded by corporations with buy this and buy that.  If you are one that practices the Christmas tradition, work at not buying Christmas this year.  Work on minding your mind and “making” Christmas.  Work on minding your mind to go out and put your body to work, physically.  Plant your winter garden and eat from your own hand rather than his hand.  You may save your life.

 "Mind your wants because someone wants your mind" - George Clinton Funkentelechy vs the Placebo Syndrome.



AP obama speaking mi 130410 16x9 608 President Obama to Speak on Crisis in Syria

Its been years since I have written a word about Mr. President Obama.  The day before his 2009 inauguration was the last word I printed about Mr. President.  But, for some strange reason after seeing his speech on possible actions against Syria today I felt something inside that drove me to this.  Now, I am well aware of the myriad of things I could write about.  I am far from ignorant of other issues that we are facing.  I am aware of the drying up of Federal Reserve Notes the Fed flooded the economy with under QE infinity shifting the economy into another mode. This new mode now seems to be creditizing the economy which is just another tactic adding to false proping up of the economy.  George Zimmerman was set free to hunt again.  The U.S. Supreme Court's decision on the 1965 Voting Rights Act.  And, I even know about  the conviction of DeMarquise Elkins and his mother  in the brutal murder of baby Antonio Santiago in a coastal Georgia town.  I know this is happening but something about this Syria speech compelled me to write.


We should all know and understand that Mr. President has masters that he must report to and must act accordance for the betterment of their already lofty stations in life.  Yesterday, the British parliament voted not to overtly attack Syria for its alleged use of a chemical agents on their own people.  Shouldn’t the use of the same old tired arse argument of "they gassed their own people" begin to rake on our collective nerves.  It’s similar to the song the local police sing when they murder someone "he was reaching into his waist band" or "he pointed the weapon at us."  We, as the U.S public, should respond very much like the children of today and retort in kind with "where they do that at, Mr. police man or in the case of the POTUS Mr. President"  Ok.  I digress.  Since the Brits bowed out of overtly attacking Syria (I say overtly because they can and probably will put in special operations teams to work covertly in the country) I wondered if the U.S. would unilaterally attack Syria or form a coalition with nations like Micronesia or Bonaire and attack Mr. Assad as a “coalition of the good.” 


When the Brits bowed out I also began to wonder on whose behalf was any attack going to be conducted?  If the U.S. unilateraly attacked (or with a phoney coalition of the good) Syria who would they be working for?  At any rate, Mr. President today announced that he wants to act, but also said he would ask Congress for authorization.  So, If I am interpreting this correctly he is asking us for permission to attack Syria.  To that I will say no.  No to attacking Syria, no more pledging our children's-children's energy to his masters.  No to war!  Period!  The U.S. is still in the middle of two wars.  Yeah, I know the war in Iraq is over.  WRONG!!!  There are still U.S. troops in Iraq where the violence is still increasing   So, No more bombing.  I don't give a rat’s arse about Syria and what they do.  Because Mr. President has turned the decision to attack Syria over to Congress, meaning us, we need to tell him NO!!!  We don't care about you wanting to act.  Hell no Mr. President, let Syria do what they do.  Deal with things going right here, now!  Stand up to the Fed  (I know I'm dreaming) and get busy working on this economy for real,  Stand up and say something for the fast food workers walking out for living wages.  Let Syria do what they do. 

Since we get to say something about this most recent threat by "The Changeling"( that's sister Deb's name for Mr. President.  I will just call him Mister from now own.  Like Mister from The Colour Purple.  Mister, we ain't havin it.  Ok, like I started to say, we get to tell Mister "not this time", but we have to talk through our congress persons.  I will provide emails for my Georgia family to their congressmen and you all out there (like how I got southern on you) need to contact your own ant tell Mister hell no we won't go.


Congressman David Scott

Congressman Heny"Hank" Johnson

Congressman John Barrow

Congressman John Lewis

Congressman Lynn Westmorland




As a youngster I always wondered about the prefix AB.  Away from as we are taught, is the meaning of AB, found in ABsent, ABnormal... Ab-sent, away from sending, not here.  ABnormal. Away from normal, not normal. I think you get the point I'm trying to make.  But, when it came to the original people of Australia, whom are referred to as the ABorigines the "away" rule didn't seem to apply.  The Aborigigines being the original people of that island contenent AB didn't seem to fit and never, made much sense to me.  How in this case  AB didn't mean away from original but, meant the original people of Australia.   Not until I read Gerald Massey's Book of Beginnings II, did I come to understand AB meant first or primary in the Ancient Kemetan (Egyptian) language.  For some strange reason, the English decided to use AB as a prefix but to mean first or priimary instead of  AB meaning away from.  Such a trick of language.  Understanding now that AB means first or primary, I can now understand my place as a Black man of the Americas.  As we approach the 50th aniversay of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther Kings speech at the March on Washington I want to repost video of Rev. Dr. Radine Amen Ra's interpretation of this most famous speech.




Autum Ashante


Once again when it really counts, when it’s really needed right here in our own backyard Moors/AA/Blacks have failed.  I was listening to Abundance Child Worldwide or Air Abundance and her guest was Autum Ashante and her father.  Autum was in the news two years ago this month when the University of Connecticut rescinded there offer to enroll when she was 13 years ago.  Next month Autum will be graduating in the top fifteen percent of her class in the studies of math and science.  It’s becoming more and more apparent that the denigration of Black/African Americans/Moors is on a fast slide into an abyss of our own making


Last month Autum and her father, Batin Ashante appealed to the masses for financial support as Autum has been accepted into the pre med program at Iona College.  Though she was awarded a full scholarship at age 15 to attend the pre med program the scholarship does not cover the two summer sessions for the next two years.  Abundance Child aired a program this last week appealing to her listeners (during the live broadcast) to call in and congratulate one of our children and not only talk but to also participate in funding her summer sessions for the next two summers.   This is where the failure of Black/African American/Moors was further exposed.  Not one call, not one off air pledge.  Nothing.  Air Abundance has a huge call in audience when speaking on status, Moors, fasting and cleansing, but when it’s time to speak on our future, the future of Black/ African Americans/Moors not a sound was uttered


Please assist one of our children in her endeavor to reach her educational apex.  She may one day be your physician.  You can assist her by donating at www.gofundme/343hwg# or simply Google Autum Ashante and her gofundme page will appear at the top of the page.  As her father said “we have had over 10,000 views, if each has only give a single dollar we would be near our goal of 14,000.00.”  Give what you can afford to give even if its one dollar.  There is no shame in that.  Help this young lady, listen to the Abundance program and understand how Autum was raised and hear her story