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I am Ensayn because I believe it is En what we are Saying that leads our way, makes our day and forges the path into the life we live.  I am Ensayn, because it is the substance we put into our mouths that will either give life or take life from each and every one of us living on Mother Earth.  I am Ensayn because I have learned to overstand the happenings that occur on the planet Earth are not normally random happenings but most often are made to happen. Should they not be made to happen there is a plan to capitalize on the situation.

I am one of many voices in the wilderness crying for my people to remember, remember the ways of our ancestors the ways of our God.  I work in the corporate world of the United States, working and making a living in this beautiful nation.  You will find me each week on internet radio bringing you important in-formation, knowl-edge and wisdom to better yourselves, ourselves for we are all in relations to each other and affect each other by each action or reaction we take.

Be Everliving, Everloving, Everfaithful!

One Love!


Victor "Ensayn" Amenta