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By now we are all invested in the internet on some level.  We enjoy our streaming video services binging out watching Ozark, La Reina Del Sur, or Stranger Things on Netflix.  Maybe you spend your time locked on The Big Sick or The Man In The High Castle on Amazon Prime escaping the humdrum of the norm.  Many of us even endeavor to open our own online business and make some extra cash, hoping to hit it big so you can run from the plantation and become that free slave that you've always dreamt you would be.  Yes, the world wide web has opened bastions of opportunity or ways to just veg out and forget about  your worries and indulge your senses if only for a little while. 
But, have you heard of Net Neutrality?  If you are reading this post you probably have.  Well it looks like Net Neutrality may be coming to an end.  You see, your former president, Barack put in place blocks to allow  to Net Neutrality  be preserved.  What happens without Net Neutrality?  Without Net Neutrality internet service providers will be able to charge internet companies for faster “lanes” of service.  Smaller companies, that cannot afford to pay the higher rates will be relegated to the slow lanes.  You probably won’t have to worry about the big boys like Amazon or Netflix since they have the funds to pay for the "fast lanes" for the entertainment you enjoy. But,   your online business will probably be tossed to the curb.  Tim Oliver best explains what the loss of Net Neutrality means best.


Even though we eat a minimum of three times per day, we are still starving ourselves to death!


Where is Black America Heading? Dr. Claude Anderson 2014



AP obama speaking mi 130410 16x9 608 President Obama to Speak on Crisis in Syria

Its been years since I have written a word about Mr. President Obama.  The day before his 2009 inauguration was the last word I printed about Mr. President.  But, for some strange reason after seeing his speech on possible actions against Syria today I felt something inside that drove me to this.  Now, I am well aware of the myriad of things I could write about.  I am far from ignorant of other issues that we are facing.  I am aware of the drying up of Federal Reserve Notes the Fed flooded the economy with under QE infinity shifting the economy into another mode. This new mode now seems to be creditizing the economy which is just another tactic adding to false proping up of the economy.  George Zimmerman was set free to hunt again.  The U.S. Supreme Court's decision on the 1965 Voting Rights Act.  And, I even know about  the conviction of DeMarquise Elkins and his mother  in the brutal murder of baby Antonio Santiago in a coastal Georgia town.  I know this is happening but something about this Syria speech compelled me to write.


We should all know and understand that Mr. President has masters that he must report to and must act accordance for the betterment of their already lofty stations in life.  Yesterday, the British parliament voted not to overtly attack Syria for its alleged use of a chemical agents on their own people.  Shouldn’t the use of the same old tired arse argument of "they gassed their own people" begin to rake on our collective nerves.  It’s similar to the song the local police sing when they murder someone "he was reaching into his waist band" or "he pointed the weapon at us."  We, as the U.S public, should respond very much like the children of today and retort in kind with "where they do that at, Mr. police man or in the case of the POTUS Mr. President"  Ok.  I digress.  Since the Brits bowed out of overtly attacking Syria (I say overtly because they can and probably will put in special operations teams to work covertly in the country) I wondered if the U.S. would unilaterally attack Syria or form a coalition with nations like Micronesia or Bonaire and attack Mr. Assad as a “coalition of the good.” 


When the Brits bowed out I also began to wonder on whose behalf was any attack going to be conducted?  If the U.S. unilateraly attacked (or with a phoney coalition of the good) Syria who would they be working for?  At any rate, Mr. President today announced that he wants to act, but also said he would ask Congress for authorization.  So, If I am interpreting this correctly he is asking us for permission to attack Syria.  To that I will say no.  No to attacking Syria, no more pledging our children's-children's energy to his masters.  No to war!  Period!  The U.S. is still in the middle of two wars.  Yeah, I know the war in Iraq is over.  WRONG!!!  There are still U.S. troops in Iraq where the violence is still increasing   So, No more bombing.  I don't give a rat’s arse about Syria and what they do.  Because Mr. President has turned the decision to attack Syria over to Congress, meaning us, we need to tell him NO!!!  We don't care about you wanting to act.  Hell no Mr. President, let Syria do what they do.  Deal with things going right here, now!  Stand up to the Fed  (I know I'm dreaming) and get busy working on this economy for real,  Stand up and say something for the fast food workers walking out for living wages.  Let Syria do what they do. 

Since we get to say something about this most recent threat by "The Changeling"( that's sister Deb's name for Mr. President.  I will just call him Mister from now own.  Like Mister from The Colour Purple.  Mister, we ain't havin it.  Ok, like I started to say, we get to tell Mister "not this time", but we have to talk through our congress persons.  I will provide emails for my Georgia family to their congressmen and you all out there (like how I got southern on you) need to contact your own ant tell Mister hell no we won't go.


Congressman David Scott

Congressman Heny"Hank" Johnson

Congressman John Barrow

Congressman John Lewis

Congressman Lynn Westmorland





2006 was the year I became aware of the Blacks Blogsphere.  I began my blog right here in the late summer/early fall of 2006.  I had come to realize that we, black/African American people, were not getting our story told via the mainstream media. Like most I believed I had something of value to say to our people and to act as a voice of our people.  I soon learned I was not alone in this feeling and I soon virtually bumped into the Field Negro.  Soon thereafter I found the Free Slave, Bronze Trinity and Asabagna all online with the same idea to enlighten our people and give them a voice, where we were practically voiceless.  Jet was no longer doing it for us, neither was Ebony.  We need something more.


In late 2006, the idea of banning together and putting forth information from a black perspective sprang forth and we all tossed around ideas.  Soon Asabagna, Bronze Trinity, The Free Slave, Aulelia, Kizzie, Francis L. Holland and a few others brought forward the AfroSpear.  We loved it.  We believed we would be a force to recon with and soon we would find out just how powerful this conglomeration of bloggers would be.  In March 2007 Howard Witt, writing for the Chicago Tribune broke the story of the Jena 6.  The AfroSpear got wind of the story and we all posted information about the Jena, Louisiana case.  Soon,  after we made the story go viral (we didn’t use that term back then) radio personalities Al Sharpton and Michael Baisden began to air it on their national radio programs.  It was due to the constant outcry of the AfroSpear that drove these two to speak.  There would be others, the Shaquanda Cotton case and the most heinous of all was the brutal sexual assault and rape of a woman by youngsters in the Dunbar Village apartments.  Weekly many of us black bloggers posted open letters appealing for justice for the victims. 


We were on fire.  We had influenced each one of these cases on one level or another and we could see we in fact wielded a powerful sword.  Then comes senator Barack Obama announcing his candidacy for president of the United States.  This opened up a plethora of opinions.  There were many for the senator and many, well, not so much against just not on his jock like they were.  Many of refused to drink of the cup of the poisonous swill being leached out by the then senator from Illinois.  The dye was cast and many of us were excoriated by other black bloggers for refusing the cup of the George Town, Guyana verbal cool aid the good senator from Chicago offered.   After the senator won the prize of presidency, this seemed to lull the black blogsphere to sleep.  The fire seemed to be dying out.  Slowly, what was once a haven for new ideas and opinions the black blogsphere began to be a sphere of remixed excrement from the main stream media.  Their boy was in office and that was that.


To Be Continued...