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Autum Ashante


Once again when it really counts, when it’s really needed right here in our own backyard Moors/AA/Blacks have failed.  I was listening to Abundance Child Worldwide or Air Abundance and her guest was Autum Ashante and her father.  Autum was in the news two years ago this month when the University of Connecticut rescinded there offer to enroll when she was 13 years ago.  Next month Autum will be graduating in the top fifteen percent of her class in the studies of math and science.  It’s becoming more and more apparent that the denigration of Black/African Americans/Moors is on a fast slide into an abyss of our own making


Last month Autum and her father, Batin Ashante appealed to the masses for financial support as Autum has been accepted into the pre med program at Iona College.  Though she was awarded a full scholarship at age 15 to attend the pre med program the scholarship does not cover the two summer sessions for the next two years.  Abundance Child aired a program this last week appealing to her listeners (during the live broadcast) to call in and congratulate one of our children and not only talk but to also participate in funding her summer sessions for the next two summers.   This is where the failure of Black/African American/Moors was further exposed.  Not one call, not one off air pledge.  Nothing.  Air Abundance has a huge call in audience when speaking on status, Moors, fasting and cleansing, but when it’s time to speak on our future, the future of Black/ African Americans/Moors not a sound was uttered


Please assist one of our children in her endeavor to reach her educational apex.  She may one day be your physician.  You can assist her by donating at www.gofundme/343hwg# or simply Google Autum Ashante and her gofundme page will appear at the top of the page.  As her father said “we have had over 10,000 views, if each has only give a single dollar we would be near our goal of 14,000.00.”  Give what you can afford to give even if its one dollar.  There is no shame in that.  Help this young lady, listen to the Abundance program and understand how Autum was raised and hear her story

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