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Years ago, while driving down 47th street toward Market street heading north out of SouthEast San Diego one sunny Sunday afternoon it occured to me that our problem, the main problem facing the Aboriginal American (most of you refer to us and yourselves African American or Black) was our health.  Driving along I could see the faces and body shapes of the people, and understood at that moment we are sick.  This was during the early 1990's, but I never pursued the thought and concept until many years later.  Of course since that time the food has become much more degenerate.   We.  Well I should be more specific and say we, the general public in the United States, has been much more manipulated and contaminated.  Not only contaminated by the inundation of plants and animals with deadly pesticides, but also genetic engineering which includes the splicing of moth genes, sea crustatian genes and even the human child embryo into foods. 

 "The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease" Thomas Edison

We are faced with now ever growing rates of diabetes, high blood pressure, uterine fibroyds, stroke and heart attack, not mention the increasing rates of lung cancers in the Aboriginal American (Black/African American) many of whom have never been smokers.  Dr. Sebi says 'you never see the Polar bear eating the diet of the gorilla...'  He says that we are unhealthy because we aren't eating the way our ancestors did '...When they took us from Africa they left our food there...' So, we are eating like the slave master taught us to eat.   We are the gorilla eating the bear's diet.  There is truth in that statement.  Certainly many of us continue to eat as we have always eaten, as our fore parents ate, or so we believe.  Most of us believe that we are eating as our great grand parents, grand parents and parents ate.  The fact we do not eat as our foreparents ate.  The consumption of animals since the time of our foreparents has changed drastically.


In during the 1900's the average person in North American which includes the U.S., and Canada ate 300 pounds of wheat and grain per year and an average of 200 pounds of potatos per year.  From 1909 to 1994 we moved from a plant based diet to a meat based diet.  The consumption of beef increased fifty percent, the consumption of milk more than doubled, the comsumption of chicken increased by a whopping 280%!  We in this time eat nothing like our ancestors whose regimen was primarlly plant and our regimen has moved to meat.  Today the average person living in North America will, in a life time, consume 15 cows, 12 sheep, 24 pigs, 900 chickens and more than a thousand pounds of assorted animals from land, air and sea.  We eat nothing like our fore parents.  We have become walking graveyards.


This is where I part ways with our revolutionary brothas and sistahs that want to attack and face off with racism as our primary problem.  The Aboriginal American that believes she or he is the African displaced by the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade maybe missing a very essential point of our existance, which would include our eating regimen.   As I think back to that sunny Sunday afternoon in San Diego, I now realize that we're in a struggle for our very lives but, not against hoods and white sheets, nor the silent racism that bars many of us from acheiving certain goals in the U.S.  The fight is within.  We are going to have to truly learn how our ancestors ate and imulate the regimen they followed.   We are killng ourselves more than anything or anyone else.  Know the battle field and where to begin.  Your health good or bad is your choice.


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