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Dr. Johnson I hear you.  I agree with you on the strategy. I love the idea of creating economic stoppage if protest is to be affective in this society.  What I am wondering about is the battle field. Why wait to implement your strategy? There are many many Trayvon Martins dying every day, not by the hands of a so called white man but, by the hands of someone that looks like Travon.  Why not begin NOW??? In the town where I grew up, there was a large Naval air station that was close by.  We would watch the F-18's and E-2 Hawkeyes as they practiced touch and go every day, off and on all day long.  They would practice night landings.  These pilots would practice touch and go to hone their skills for landing and takning off of aircraft carriers. 

There are no soldiers or marines on this planet, there is no sailors or airmen on this planet that do not practice their craft.  Why then wait until an issue arises that will pit black against white to put into action your strategy?  There are great opportunites to help clean up black people by implementing your strategy now.  There are small skirmishes taking place in every major city in these here United States.  Why not implement immediatly as a kind of touch and go practice.  Put into action now, where so called black people are killing themselves and their women. Put it to work now.  There are enough bodies in the morgue to implement and start by saving us from us. 

Yes, Dr. Johnson, this is a great strategy but, we don't need to wait for another Trayvon incident to happen.  Do it now.  Get in the practice .  Your strategy can be put into play, honed and this way you can work the kinks out.  The by product will be an improvment for black people.  When the next white on black killing occurs, and it will happen, there will be a greater chance for success.  Otherwise, it does really sound like a good strategy. 

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