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Last weekend I was thinking to myself what the Trayvon Martin huge news coverage is really about. I do know one thing is that his death is a waste of life, which I intimately know from suffering the needless loss of my nephew in December of 2006. My nephew was killed like so many other Black males in the United States by the hand of another Black male. Destroyed for nothing that he himself had done, just killed walking down the street to a friend’s house. So, I truly understand the pain Trayvon Martin’s family is feeling. Trayvon Martin was hunted and killed for no apparent reason, for nothing that he himself had done.

George Zimmerman was the culprit that took Trayvon Martin’s life and caused the pain and suffering for Trayvon’s family. George Zimmerman’s stupid action has caused pain and suffering for his own family. Zimmerman, in my estimation, was a zealous fool that really wanted to taste death issued by his own hands. This was not a reaction by Zimmerman, but something he had planned in his own imagination for sometime and the opportunity finally presented itself for him to act out the fantasy he had mentally rehearsed. Surely, this is speculation on my part, with nothing to support it other than Zimmerman’s own actions.


All the marches in support of Trayvon Martin’s family calling for a true investigation into his death is warranted as it smells quite fishy that a man can take the life of another and walk away Scot free. I would love to see all the energy poured out for Trayvon Martin continue for all the Black people killed to march in every city and town where Black killers are decimating other Black people. However, I couldn’t help but think that all this television and radio coverage was being used like the hand of the snake charmer waving in front of the cobra while the other hand grabs it from behind

Yesterday the hidden was exposed, the hand grabbed us. While we were all looking at, mad about and discussing the misery of the death of Trayvon Martin our president was busy giving the out of control police more power to invade our privacy. On February 8th Mr. Obama signed into law H.R. 658 allowing for the commercial use of spy drones in U.S. airspace. This means soon enough the police state will be expanding into the sky above your home. Your backyard will no longer be your private domain. Drones as small as bees will fly around snooping into your private business.


While the people were crying for justice for Trayvon, while the country holds it’s breath to see if the health bill will be held up as constitutional and the Republicans continue on their battle to see who will be the front man that will lose the presidential farce of an election, the hand of the snake charmer kept us busy while el primero presidente Moreno de Los Estados Unidos was usurping our rights away (some more). To add to the dearth of tricknology by the supreme tricksters is the false fighting about who is the more worthy to lead, the Democrats or the Republicans while both voted equally in the Democrat controlled Senate 75-20 to be able to spy on us. History of late in the U.S. has taught us (if you pay attention) every time there is a big hoopla, especially a Black and white racial hoopla, there is something brewing behind the scenes. WAKE UP!!!

Reader Comments (2)

Right on, dude. There's Always some thing else going on. "Doubt it not", in the confirming words of Albert Pike's Lucifer, whom they await.

I suppose you have seen the Scottish Rite's double-headed "bird" symbol. They operate both sides, as is becoming more and more blatantly so on their part.

Over in the Scriptures, those I refer to are even called magicians; I can see why.
And they are also called sorcerers; look what they have done to the flesh of the body of this country. oh my, my anger was great before I steered it towards Scripture again to have no dealings with the fruits of darkness; but to expose them.

Enjoyed your articles and your comment at CBW's. ar
April 24, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAlan
Peace Alan, Thanks for coming by. It is so true, we must avoid anger and focus our energy on the positive that will be the basis of our prevailing against "principalities..."
May 6, 2012 | Registered Commenter[Victor Amenta]

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