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My Contribution to Society

Vernon S. Amenta

 It's always a pleasure to bring forth my accomplishment.  No, its not a degree, its not something that I have accomplished on the work plantation, but its in spite of the plantation.  This accomplishment is about bringing forth good seed.  We all have faults, but I present these young men as a contribution to society and as a positive influence on our society.  I have been given the great fortune by the Most High of being an influence in the lives of these men.  The most high gave me a charge and I took hold of this charge as an opportunity.  The opportunity to produce good fruit.  I cannot tell you about their faults, as most humans have faults, but I would leave that for them to  tell.  What I will tell, is how proud I am of these men, these human beings that I had a hand in nurturing.  Vernon has proved to  be true man and human being.  In less than three years this former Tuskeegee student has become a Journeyman plumber in Southern California and has worked on several huge commercial construction projects and is currently working on a huge federal government contract.  Vernon is a dedicated protector of his woman and child and should be applauded for the stress he has endured and overcome to be a true man.


Christopher D. Amenta

Christopher had to deal with a lot of things growing up and I used to worry about him and his mindset.  But, Chris proved to be a very powerful man.  Since Chris was not in the house with me I had to work extra hard to maintain contact, ride miles and even move from my Souther California home to be closer to him.  I could not allow myself to be 3000 miles away when I could be by his side in a matter of minutes.  Chris first attended Virginia Commonwealth University on a track scholarship and quickly learned that most of the scholarships were reserved for people of Africa or Europe and not for people of the U.S. and the Caribbean.  I remember clearly when he had to be out of college for a semester he said "dad I just want to finish college, no matter what it takes"  I was blown away by his statement.  He said he had to have it and sought ways to attain his degree and graduated from Old Dominion University.   He like Vernon had heart and desire to accomplish what they wanted no matter the odds.  Vernon slept in his car when he became homeless in San Diego, CA. rather than return to Atlanta.  Christopher joined the Coast Guard to fulfill has desire to get his degree and is now and officer in the U.S. Coast Guard, married and protects and provides for his wife and household. 

Christopher and Vernon I salute you for becoming men in this society of slackness and debauchery, you are an example for any young man that desires the positives in life.  Each of you had every statistical reason to go the way of the weak and commit crimes and violence, but you didn't.  You became men in a sea of males and "dawgs."  I salute you for being an example of what is needed in the world and this society today.

Peace my sons, Peace!






Reader Comments (5)

Wow!! It IS possible for black men to survive and even thrive in this world! And it's not predicated on whether racists exist and what they do or say!! Now THAT my brother is revolutionary, indeed!!
Congratulations on your beautiful, powerful, intelligent, handsome, dedicated, surviving and thriving young black MEN!! Fruit never falls far from the tree, my brother! Its obvious that you had a very powerful and important and positive influence on your sons, and for that I salute YOU, brother Ensayn!
December 1, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterAnna Renee
Thank you Anna Renee. It is true they have continued on through all the racism. They both have to deal with it daily. They are have acheived heights in their respective fields at young ages, and for this they have to deal with heavy racism. Vernon is in SoCal, and is the only Black man at his age to become a Journeyman commercial plumber. Surrounded by two sides of white folk. Those that love him because of his work ethic and skill level and others that are hyper jealous. He has to constantly check his equipment for possible sabotage, but he pushes on.
Chris is in B[more and one of a few officers in the U.S. Coast Guard. For that he deals with huge amount of racism. Older enlisted white men, often challenge his authority saying they don't want to address "young kid" as sir. When they don't want to address a young Black officer as sir or Mr. He is in a constant battle for respect among his peers and subordinates.

I had to give them a big hand because they could have easily gone the other way, but pushed on. Each, works to mentor young Black people to move forward and persist past the obstacles of all types.

Thanks for coming by Anna Renee!
December 3, 2010 | Registered Commenter[Victor Amenta]
Very impressive !! I wish there were more men that raised young men! There wouldnt be such a shortage to find some one to mate with. lol. Im so glad to see your contributions to society! If they are anything like there father Im sure they are very intelligent and will continue to thrive in life.
December 4, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterTOT
I love it when a real man takes ownship and accountability to the contributions to society that "THE MOST HIGH BLESSED HIM WITH" This is priceless and something you get rewarded for dearly. He blesses those that blesses their fruits. Keep encouraging and stay encouraged. Pass the Baton.
December 6, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterTOT
Thank you TOT for coming by and for the compliment!

December 8, 2010 | Registered Commenter[Victor Amenta]

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