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What The Polight Vs Seti Debate Acutally revealed about us


December 9th could be best described as a revisit of the Ali/Fraser fight billed as the Thrilla in Manilla.  A lot of pomp, hype and showmanship all disguised as a debate.  For months leading up to this spectacular, much hype was spilled all over youtube (marketing the event) with opposing versions, pros and cons on the subject at hand.  Is The White Man the Devil or Have We Become Our Own Worst Enemy?  During the "debate" Sara Suten Seti displayed pictures of homosexual males doing what it is they do sexually.  This caused a hell of an uproar, since there was no pre-warning of such a display and children were in the audience as the event was billed a family affair.  "General" Seti was attempting to discredit Brotha Polight's teacher, the now imprisoned Malachi Z. York.  To this day I am not sure how this could have derailed Polight's argument that we have become our own worst enemy.  Seti's assault on Mr. York, based on the information he presented, in fact made Polight's point even more valid.  Sara Suten Seti is a vulgar display of the trend of so called "street philosophers"  emerging that shun proper speech and decorum for vile speech and emotional rhetoric.  But, what I learned most, or what  became more clear to me is that people of black people, especially in the Americas, are attached to our emotional mythological past.


Sara Suten Seti, much like other psuedo magicians works his magic best on those that feel their ax to grind is solely against the white man.  This lends to some form of comfort for those of the "get whitey" mentality, rather than the clean up our own act state of mind.  I'd recently experienced this sense of comfort by black people going back and forth cementing on Deb's blog Lets Be Clear.  Here facts were presented to her showing her the great possibility that the slave trade fable was not the story that we have come to love.  It has become a story that is really a played out tool.  A tool used for years to pummel white folk over the head for "bringing us over here, taking away our religion, family and our society" during slavery times.  Our people  of this mind set, are in essence telling their enemy how powerful he is and how weak they were and are.  Are, because our people that continue to chant this mantra are internalizing and living out their own demise. Rather than joining an Afro centric society.  Our people of this mind set will not utterly throw away Christianity in the form it is practised in the Americas and Europe and join an indigenous way to serve.  They will not embrace Lucumi, Candomble, Voudou, or any other original African or American way to serve the Spirit to reclaim their religion that was stolen from them.  But, would rather hang onto some form of European centered Christianity or just say they are not sure what they believe.  Others cling to Islam or become Black Hebrew Isralites.

After the Polight/Seti debate there was so much commentary concerning the debate, who won, who stayed on topic, and why was there such an uproar when Seti showed the homosexual photos.  There was even a woman in her fifties I heard on radio contending that there should not have been as much uproar during the showing of the homosexual photos.  This revealed the wedge that exists among us.  It is quite telling when anyone, anyone can question the audience's reaction to such a display when children were present.  It's quite telling when a man displays such material when children are present and even to have the audacity to never warn parents to give them the choice whether to take your children out of the room before these items were shown.  The quality of people that will be disseminating information and the images they present must be questioned in the coming era.

Dr. Phil Valentine expressed his concern about the coming era and who would be presenting information and what images will be displayed.  Here in the Atlanta Metro Area a parent objected to the performance of a play depicting slavery in the U.S.  The characters were of a white slave master and a black slave being beaten by his white master.  The parent was correct in asserting the school stop this, as this places a concrete image of whites dominating blacks.  "General" Sara Suten Seti, alone is not the problem as he by himself can do nothing.  But, backed by others that believe as he does, never minding his inability to present himself as a upstanding living soul, will bolster his point and case.  Those that support such vile and disgusting personages will continue to play as much of a destructive force as the white man they all so claim are the be progenetors of our problem.  Surely, Seti's vulgar display and vulgar speech propped up by those others that purport to be teachers and healers in our midst leave us no choice but to divorce ourselves from this mind set of people.  In them I have no common unity to tend to towards to community.  Deb, appears to be an upstanding person and I could not conceive of her aligning herself with such vile actiing people and vile activity, but her sentiments fall along their base line.  Beware all those the believe that white supremacy is the major problem we face.  They will not conceive of looking inward now to correct our wrongs.


Reader Comments (2)

I switched to Google Chrome and now I can see yours and others' blogs. Woohoo!

There are a lot of pseudo conscious "teachers" out there, who have no love for the community, and we have to accept that.

I've listened to alot of what Brother Polight says and I feel that he's on point, especially that piece that "The White Man Is Not the Devil". I don't know of Sara Seti, though.
January 2, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterAnna Renee
Thank goodness for Google Chrome. This squarespace will contact each server with videos and photos before the site will appear, thats why it takes so long.

You are so right speaking on the false prophets. ON Seti, pull him up on youtube and just listen to his rhetoric.

Peace Sistah!
January 9, 2013 | Registered Commenter[Victor Amenta]

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